Hey everyone!  Today is the final day of Camp AG!  I’ll definitely miss it, but I’m looking forward to lots of normal posts too…  Anyways, for those of you who don’t know, D&G stands for David and Goliath, the bible story.  David is a young, weak child from the Israelite army, and Goliath is a Giant from The Philistine army.  The two armies are having a battle, and David’s father has David take a message to his older, stronger brothers at the battle.  Right when he gets there, Goliath declares a challenge to any one man who can defeat him.  Nobody except for David accepts.  So he faces the giant, and he only has his slingshot, but Goliath has his armor and weapons.  With one stone, David hits Goliath on the forehead, sending him toppling to the ground, so the lesson is that God is with you always!  We played it at my real camp, the kids were the Davids, and the counselors were Goliaths!  We played frisbee tag in this river, and it’s super dirty and fun!  So lets see the doll version!

*Saige’s POV*

I’m so scared.  It was us, the Davids, against the three Goliath.  Samantha,, Kit, Maryellen, Grace, and I, Against Molly, Amelia, and Emily.  this wasn’t going to be easy!


Molly passed out the Frisbee, the red were Davids, and the blue were Goliaths.  Molly shouted out the rules, no boundaries, no face shots, you carry your Frisbee as a “halo” on you  head back to here, heaven, and your goal is to tag the Goliaths and get them all out.  We had a minute to run and hide.


“Should we team up?”  Grace asked hopefully.  She knew I was here last year, and she wasn’t.  But the Goliaths always won.  Always.  “Sure!”I decided.  Right was I was about to give her a tip, Molly shouted at the top of her lungs, “GOOO!”, and so we raced off into the creek.


We hid in a fallen tree, the same one I hide in every year, and every year, Molly finds us there.


“I’ll spy, and you stay-”



“You sound like we’re going to let the goliaths win!”


“C’mon, let’s actually win this year, lets take them down!”

Astounded, I nodded slowly, then more vigorously.  I could do this.


And then I saw her.  Blurry, through the tree leaves, there was Amelia, staring us down.


And fast as lightning, Grace was hit!  She let out a scream, then slumped to the ground.  Overdramatic, yes, but boring to watch, NO!

So I tossed my Frisbee back at amelia, and then i went to Grace.  She croaked, “Go on without me!”

“I-I can’t!”  I wailed, joining in.

“never surrender, never say die!”  She said, her eyes closing.  As she put on her halo, I wailed after her, “I will avenge you!”


I assessed my surrounding, Kit  was out, Grace was out, and i saw Maryellen clambering on a log.


But little did she know, Molly was right behind her,and got her on the leg.


But little did MOLLY know, I was right behind too!


And then there was Emily.  She had just gotten Samantha out by the rope swing.  I was the last one standing.

I stared at her.  She stared at me.  She against I.  David against Goliath.

And then we struck.  At the same time!  She missed, but I was right on target.


“WE WON!”  I shouted!



3 thoughts on “CAMP AG FINALE-D&G

  1. Awesome!! Sounds like a super fun game! 🙂 Nice job at doing the photo’s by a river I always freak out when my dolls get near water.. I’m like no don’t go over there!! xD I loved Camp AG will you do it next year? 🙂


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