My Favorites- New AG Beforever and Truly Me Holiday Release

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Hello all my Beautiful readers!  On this lovely day, we are back with another My favorites!   For those of you who don’t know, My favorites is a section on my blog where I share my thoughts on the products released from a  new American Girl Release!  A few days ago, AG came out with The new Beforever Melody Ellison, and many new holiday Truly Me Items!  Let’s start off with my favorites from the Truly me items!



1.Gourmet Kitchen Set

This is at the top of my list!  This is probably my favorite thing I have ever seen from AG!  I love it!  I can just imagine My Grace in the apron baking…

It includes the cutest accessories EVER, an adorable mixer, a pull-out food bowl for the  pet, and so much detail!  Onto the Christmas List!

grace's baking set perfect

2.William Sonoma Doll Baking Set

Again, PERFECT for Grace!  The cupcakes and the dish, and the list frosting Palette…YUM!


Now onto The Beforever items!

melody dress

1.Melody’s Floral Peplum Dress

I’m not buying the doll, but I absolutely LOVE this dress!  It would compliment Maryellen’s hair and I love the little white gloves!

melody pj

2.Melody’s Pajama’s

I like these because they are the same design as Maryellen’s Pajama’s, and everyone needs an extra pair of Pajama’s!  Plus, the star print and the pom-poms on the slippers are SO CUTE!

melody play

3.Melody’s play Outfit



Perfect for Maryellen!

maryellen strawberry

4. Maryellen’s strawberry Dress

I really doubt that there is a person in the universe that hates this dress.  I mean, C’mon, aren’t those the cutest strawberries!!

I hope you all enjoyed my little favorites, and be sure to stay tuned for the HUGE announcement I have on Monday!

What is YOUR favorite from the new Release?




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