AG Photo Shoot Competition Sign Up’s


Hey everybody!  It’s Saige here, the host of the AG Photo Shoot Contest!  Samantha’s been wanting to do this for a long time, and she thought it was the perfect celebration for 100 followers!


The AGPS Contest is a competitive event when AG bloggers split up into three teams:


zcrewlaniemaryellen strawberry

Team Z, Team Lanie, and Team Maryellen!

Each week, I’ll post a category, and each person from each team will have another week to take a photo shoot of their AG dolls according to the category!  There will be five challenges, and each challenge, I’ll pick the best photo shoot out of all of them and give that person’s team 5 extra points!  Here is how I will judge each photo shoot score:

-Sticking best to the category

-thinking outside the box

-including a pet-3 points

-the doll’s outfit

-the doll’s tame hair

-photo quality

-bokeh-five points

Plus, if you enter one, you already get five points!

NO EDITING, but I allow watermarks!

to enter:

comment below telling me that you would like to enter, and which team you would like to be on!  (note, I can’t guarantee you’ll get put on the team you want, but I’ll certainly try!)

You have until Monday, September 12th to sign up!

AND, if you have any questions, put it in  the comments, and i’ll try to answer them best as I can.


Sign up already!

-Saige and the dolls






18 thoughts on “AG Photo Shoot Competition Sign Up’s

      1. Ok cause I do not have AG dolls right now but I do have similar dolls you might know them there called Journey girl dolls and they are 18 inch dolls.


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