Inside Agdollawesome: New Studio & our Photo Kit


Hey Everybody!  It’s Kit here!

imageAnd don’t I look Beautiful in this scene!


BECAUSE, we got a new studio!  There are two studio lights, and a beautiful studio!  OK, OK, so maybe you’re not so excited, but this will make the quality of our indoor photography much better!


Now, you don’t need a studio for good photos, but you DO need a photography kit!  I take this with me every time I take photos!


It’s made of an old retired AG box, which I got my Princess Pet Bed for Cinnamon from!  Now let’s open it up!

There are two books from the AG Doll photo Kit, and I did a review of the kit a while back, so be sure to check that out!


We have a spray bottle for those flyaways…

We have a reflection mirror, for shining our hair!

There is a face mask, made of a paste of baking soda and water!


Undies, For when we forget them..;)

And no doll can live without their hair supplies!


I hope that you enjoyed peeking into our studio and photography ways, and stay tuned for some AWESOME scenes in here!

Do you have any photo tips?



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