Maryellen’s New Personality+Agdollawesome Chronicles


Hey everybody!  It’s Samantha, and I just decided to make a little post about Maryellen’s new personality.  She keeping her name, but I got really inspired by a character on an ABC Sitcom, “The Middle”


I think that image about sums her up.  Her name is Sue, and she is SO FUNNY!  She tries out for everything, is excited about everything, and she is just so optimistic about the world!  So I thought, Maryellen’s already kind of close to her, so why not tweak her personality a little.  I don’t like it when the Beforever dolls change their names, because AG already made them so pretty.  I also didn’t want her to be modern, so she will still wear her traditional outfits.

We will be adding a new weekly section on this blog!  It will be called The Agdollawesome Chronicles, AGDAC for short.  It is basically a weekly Photo story, where Kit records our crazy doll family, so you can get to know them!  each one will be focused on one doll, and I’m SO EXCITED!

Anyways, I updated the Meet the Dolls Page According to Maryellen’s new personna, and so here it is:

Name:  Maryellen Larkin

Age:  11

Personality:  I am VERY outgoing!  I like to make sure that everyone can hear my ideas and I hate to blend in.  I like to wear forties and fifties couture.  I love unicorns, I try out for ALL the EXCITING school clubs, and I love Cross Country, and my room is FULL of posters!

Best Friends:  EVERYBODY!

-Samantha and the Dolls


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