DIY No-Sew AG Fandom Tanks


Hi everybody!  As you all know, I LOVE Warriors, and while I don’t have any awesome Warrior Tee Shirts, (yet), I thought it would be fun to make my dolls some.  I haven’t done a DIY in a while, so this is exciting!  Don’t worry, it’s no-sew, and all you need is:

-seam ripper, or small scissors

-old doll tee shirt

-paint, covered work surface



-stencil, optional


So, I have these two old Maplea Tee shirts, and their not even really  Tee shirts, because they are super baggy, and they go down below the elbow.  Not my favorite pieces.  I was going through all my doll stuff, and I had a little lightbulb, (ding!), I should make cute tank tops!


To take off the sleeves, I seam ripped the seams, so the edges were raw.  You can sew them of hot glue them back in, if you don’t want them raw, but you can also just leave it, or tuck it in.


Whenever you’re painting over fabric, you want to slide a piece of cardboard in, so when it’s done, the back and front don’t just glue together.


Then, try out the design that you’re going to put on your tee.  I’m doing the warrior fandom, so I drew Starclan, but you can do a trident, a black swan, a wand, or a quote.


Draw it on in pencil first.

Then paint it!

I used a stencil to put a lightning bolt as well.

For The other one, cut out three circles.  Leave one how it is, cut one in half, and one in a quarter.  Then, trace them in Sharpie and you’re done!




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