Grace’s Si Vous Plies Day

Hey There everybody!  Today, I have an awesome photo story about Grace’s picky food critics!  I hope you enjoy!

Grace’s POV


I straightened the plate ever so slightly as I waited for them.


As I stepped back to admire my handiwork, I whispered to myself, “Voila!”  And kissed my fingers like an artist. I checked the time, 11:01.  One minute late.  they would be here soon!


Molly opened the door from the house to the garden.  “Grace, it’s for you!”, she shouted!  I waited until she slammed the door, and I giddily sprinted out the garden door, to the front door.

Somebody was ringing the doorbell with nagging repetition.  I blinked as I threw open the door.


There they were!  Real French Patisserie scouts!  They were going to critique with food, I was nervous, excited, giddy, giggly…

“Hello!  Do come in, I insist!”


“Yes, yes, we look forward to tasting your food.”


As I brought them to the table, I announced the first course.

“For the first course, you will be served one of my famous chocolate-cream-filled Eclair’s!  They are topped with-”

I was cut off abruptly as the brunette interrupted me,

“Excuse me, but my fork has a smudge!  This simply cannot do!  Take it away!”

I looked down at the microscopic smudge on the fork.

I smiled a begrudging smile.  Through gritted teeth I repied, “Why yes, I will immediately remove your fork madame.”


“Thank you,”  she said equally annoyed.  The other said quickly, “What was it that your Eclaire was topped with?  Also please give us some nice music out here to soothe our tastebuds.  Classical is preferred.



As I came back, with my tablet for music and the eclaires, I decided to find their request.

I had no French music.  I was never the type, but since I shared my tablet with Emily, the ultimate Disney fan, I discovered a playlist from Beauty and the Beast.  And that explains why Be Our Guest began blaring in the background.


I introduced the dish.  “We have chocolate Cream filled Eclaire’s with a white drizzle.  I gingerly laid one on each plate.


“Hmm.”, one of them pondered as they chewed,” A bit too flaky.”

But I noticed that both of their plates were wiped clean.

It went like this for the tartlets too.  “Too much powdered sugar!”  She had said in a shrill voice.  I was beginning to lose my cool!


I finally brought out my awesome pistachio macaroons.  Everybody liked these.


To my reluctant admittance of surprise, the brunette shouted, “wonderful!”

They threw off their hats, shouting, “I’m Madam Maryellen”, “And I’m Madam Samantha,”



They dashed off, shouting behind them, “Early April Fools!”


“Oh Sister!”

Which one of my treats would you have liked best!



6 thoughts on “Grace’s Si Vous Plies Day

    1. I know! I had a really bad stomach virus over the summer at my grandma’s, and since I couldn’t do anything, I just sat there. But my grandma has a TV with only VHS tapes, and the best one was Beauty and the Beast, so I watched it like TWENTY TIMES! Be our guest was stuck in my head ever since. 🙂 *storytime*

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