AGPS Challenge Four


Hey guys!  You guys all did great, but since Maryellen was the only team that participated, they’re in the lead!


maryellen strawberry


And the next category is…….


Have fun, and next time I’ll pick out 2 winners!





12 thoughts on “AGPS Challenge Four

  1. Samanthadolls, I’ve been really enjoying this and I’m really sad to say that I won’t be able to participate in the next one unless you delay it a week. I’m definitely doing this week’s (I already have tons of ideas!), but next week I’ll be gone and won’t have access to posting on my blog. Would it be possible to either delay the fifth challenge one week or maybe let next week’s deadline be extended a week? If not, I understand, but I’d be really sad to miss it 😦 THis has been so much fun! #Goteammaryellen (with or without me. 😦 )
    ~ Light4theLord


  2. I’m really sorry I didn’t get to do doing the challenge this week.. I was super busy with tons of homework from school, helping to run the fall festival at my church, and sports, I had like no time at all! I’ll definitely make time for the next challenge though!


  3. Hey Samantha- I had an idea (I don’t know if it’s a good one!)… maybe you could go and comment on the girls’ blogs who didn’t participate and just remind them saying maybe, ‘hey, we missed you on the last challenge here’s a link to the one we’re on- hope you can participate’ or something like that! I know that sometimes I forget about stuff and it’s nice to have a reminder. Also, the more the merrier!
    ~ Light4theLord


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