Agdollawesome Halloween Costume Contest


Hey People!  It’s Maryellen here, and today, we have some VERY exciting costumes to show you!



We set up a whole party just for the occasion.  *dies at the sight of Twix*


Since I’m the host, I suppose I’m supposed to tell you the rules!

Uh..Yeah.  That’s kind of your job.

Oh.  Well, we’re going to show you all seven of my sisters in their costumes, and then, you get to vote in the comments which you liked best!

And guess who put the costumes together?!

Uh..Me.  You saw me doing it for two hours.

Yours truly, Maryellen!


Also, you can totally still vote on my costume!  I’m the bee from BuzzaboutAG!   That’s my favorite blog!

Well, there’s also another blog…which happens to be the blog you’re posting on…Not that buzzaboutAG isn’t awesome, but…

Like I said, my favorite blog!

Okay then!

You can read her awesome blog here.

Okay, let’s get started already!


For the first costume, Kit is a candy corn!  She LOVES Candy Corn…



Emily is a seventies girl with her bodacious flower crown and her groovy bell bottoms!  Disco on!


And Amelia is a cat.  A cat that loves her chocolate.  Like, a lot.  Literally, I’m eating chocolate right now, and she’s trying to steal it.

Maryellen!  You’re not supposed to be eating!  And-oh, whats the point.


Miss Grace is classic Minnie Mouse!  She made all of the treats for the party!


And Saige is the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.  I even painstakingly hot glue leaves together!

Really Maryellen?  Really?


Samantha is a classic fifties girl!  I let her borrow all the clothes, including my special poodle skirt!


And last but not least, we have Molly as a pretty princess.  Kittylover106 let her borrow this dress!


And that’s all folks!  Remember to comment with your favorite below!

I’m never letting you host again.


Behind the scenes


Looks like all cats like cholate…




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