Ghost Busters- A Halloween Photo Story


“Hey look, I see something!  Maybe the ghost left it behind!”

First of all, let me explain.  I’m Saige, in case you didn’t know, and I DO NOT believe in ghosts.  But when it’s  a boring Sunday, the day before Halloween, you kind of take what you can get.  And what I got, were two nerds who had just seen the new Ghost Busters.

Sure, the lights were flickering, we heard unfamiliar barking, and something bumping into things, but it was probably all a stunt pulled off my Amelia.


I was also the ONLY one without a Halloween costume, so when someone hands you a cool jumpsuit and an AWESOME working taser, I can’t say I refused.


“EEK!”  Maryellen screeched as she accidentally fired her proton pack.  I smacked by forehead as I mumbled sarcastically, “There goes ANOTHER ceiling fan.”

But I had to say, I was a little jealous that Maryellen, the ultra geek, got the cooler weapon.  It was a WORKING proton pack with a vacuum for sucking up ghosts.  And as you just saw, it definitely works.   Amelia really was a genius with, well, everything!

And what I saw, was a slobbery ball on the ground.  Thankfully, Amelia picked it up so I didn’t have to.

“OOH!”  Maryellen cooed, “SHINY!”

“It must be another clue!  This ghost might be a class 4 heliotopist!”

“Once again, English please!”  I exclaimed,

“The slime, “she replied dismissively.


We had already found 2 other clues.  First, a bone, “Why would that be laying around a house of 8 girls?”, I had reasoned, “We are messy, but we’re not barn animals!”

There was also a granola bar.  Grace kept buying them, nobody ate them.


I had to say, I hope we find this ghost soon, because I’m itching to use my taser.


“GR….UFFFG!”  I had never heard that noise before!

“The ghost!” Maryellen exclaimed.

We had 3 dogs, but none of them sounded like that!

And then I saw him.  It was a dog I had NEVER seen before!  He sure was adorable, though, and he added more slobber to the marble as he picked it up.

“BUTTERSCOTCH!”  I heard the unmistakable british accent.  Emily Abernathy.


“Butterscotch, there you are!”, she cooed, “New dogs shouldn’t run off like that!”


She looked up at us, “Why are you dressed like that?”


“We’re ghost busters!”  Ellie shouted.

I rolled my eyes, as if Emily weren’t judgy enough.


“Mmm…you do you, I suppose, ” she started to walk off, “Oh yes, We got a new dog!”


Amelia and Maryellen slumped in disappointment.

But I’m sure all their troubles could be cure with a sugar high tomorrow…

Hey, at least the dog’s cute, and I got a Halloween costume!

So ended our Ghost hunting adventures.


Happy Halloween!


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