Christmas Wanderlust+ Adeline?

Hsy guys!  How’s it going?  So I took these pictures in front of my house a few days ago, on the spur of the moment, because my lights were so pretty!  (Sure Samantha, we can call it wanderlust, Molly “Wandered”  to the front lawn!) Our lights are up, almost time for the inside!  I put…… Continue reading Christmas Wanderlust+ Adeline?


It’s Thanksgiving, Alright: A Thanksgiving Special

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! *Emily’s Point Of View* As soon as I heard the unmistakable screaming of Grace Thomas, my sister, on Thanksgiving day, I ran to her. What I amounted to was a menagerie of aromas, the boiling corn, the sliced vegetables, and the freshly baked rolls.  The kitchen was messy, dishes strewn about, but…… Continue reading It’s Thanksgiving, Alright: A Thanksgiving Special