Mermaid Cove-Part One


It’s finally here!  Today, is the official release date of Mermaid Cove!  EEK, I’m so excited!  It may be referred to as MC, possibly.  Here is the cast:


Emily Benett, as Cassidy

Amelia Benedette, as Anaise


Maryellen Turner, as Princess Kiki-Kiara

What do you think?  Should we get started?  Oh, all right!


I waited for her.  And waited, and waited.


I rolled my eyes at myself.  Anaise, it’s your OWN fault!  

And it was.  If I hadn’t been late to class, the new girl, in her disgustingly neat pink shorts, shirt, cardigan, headband, and shoes.  Pink, from head to toe.  She was scrambling around though, with a confused look on her face, and then she saw me.  The bell had rung three minutes ago, the hallways empty except for a few stragglers, like she and I.

“Excuse me?”

I realized I still hadn’t answered her.  I was looking around for my Biology textbook, not like I needed it.  I was failing it anyways.  Like all the other classes.


I had asked her what she needed.  She said she was wondering where Biology was, and went on for two whole minutes on how she was new and so confused.   I knew she was new.  In fact, she was my next door neighbor now, who had moved in to days ago.

She seemed to know too, because after I looked up, she spent another 3 minutes explaining how hilarious it was that I was also her neighbor.  I thought it was hilarious that I showed her to biology without a word in fifteen seconds.

She had raised her hand countless times, always the right answer.  After the bell rang once more, she invited herself over to my house.  MY house.

“Oh yeah,”  she ended, “My name’s Cassidy.”

Funny, she didn’t ask for my name.


But there she was, hollering it across my yard, in a swimsuit.  In the middle of November?  C’mon, I know I’m wearing shorts, but the pool will give you hypothermia!  Maybe it would make her stop talking, though.




I hope you guys liked this part!  The parts will be super short, and they will be peppered all over November, because I REALLY don’t want this to go into December, because I have some AWESOME stuff planned for the Holiday Season, maybe A photo series… called Christmas Grace…








7 thoughts on “Mermaid Cove-Part One

  1. YAY!! I’m super excited. I loved how you didn’t dive right it. (dive get it) 😉 I think it’s awesome when you take a whole part to just explain the characters like you did. Nice job!
    -Geeky_Girl ❤

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