Samantha- An AGPS/Story Time


Samantha is my own doll now.


Her hair silky smooth, her style of elegance, her chocolate eyes.


But there is a true story behind her.


*Flashback, 2011-2012*

I remember Samantha, pouring over her books, playing endlessly with her mini doll, as I did not own any other AG dolls.  I had a connection with her, yes, she WAS named Samantha like me, but it was much more than that.


But it was much more than that.

I received American girl catalogs, and while I cherished them, I wondered why Samantha wasn’t in a single one.


I asked my Mom to look it up, and found out that she was retired in 2009, meaning she wasn’t available to buy.  But she also found pictures of her.

I remembered she printed one out, and I stuck it on my wall, wishing for her.


*Flashback to 2013*

I fell in love with Molly, Emily, and Saige.

Samantha was out of my mind, for I had misplaced her picture, and wasn’t able to see her in the catalogs.

I received Molly and Emily that Christmas, and Saige for my birthday six days later.


*Flashback to September, 2014*

I was very happy with my doll family of three, and then I heard Beforever came out, with an addition of none other than…



*Flashback to March, 2015*

I’m in the AG store, in the market for a doll.

I sneak glances at Samantha while I buy Kit.


Christmas, 2015

I have already bought Maryellen in September, and I desperately want Samantha.

I ask for her on a wishlist, and change my mind to Grace.  I am torn.

On Christmas, I receive two dolls.  That hadn’t happened since 2013.

I receive Samantha and Grace.

I sneak out at 4:00 in the morning, and I see the box.  I know it is her.

I unwrap her, and I am happy.


Very, very, Happy.

-Samantha & Samantha



19 thoughts on “Samantha- An AGPS/Story Time

    1. Thank you! And I thought it was too, especially when I was screaming, jumping up and down because of two dolls! From the moment I woke up, I grabbed the familiar doll shaped box and KNEW it was Samantha! Later, after about ten more presents, my Mom handed me a shiny bow in a similar shape, with two tinier ones along with it, and i was so surprised to find Grace her city outfit, and her baking set! 🙂

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  1. Yay! You have your namesake. I have to say, when I was a girl just like you pouring over the catalogs of 1995 I loved her so much I requested to have my name changed to Samantha. Nobody in my family honored that request but I did get the doll that Christmas!

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  2. Such a sweet story, I have a similar one for Felicity, although, she doesn’t have my name, and there was less of a task to get her. 🙂 These were amazing pictures! I felt a happy Christmassy (Google really doesn’t want that to be a word. :P) cold looking at them, which made me happy.
    You and your dollies keep up the amazing work!

    Liked by 1 person

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