Review of AG Corgi Puppy


Hey everyone!  It’s Sam!  So, you might have seen this little cutie in a previous post, and he’s one of my favorite pets in my collection!  I named him Buttercup, and he was practically BEGGING me to review him, so I did!  Emily and Molly are currently sharing him.

imageThe American Girl Corgi Puppy has a lovable face!  His nose is standard plastic AG, and his eyes are brown.  His ears point straight up, and have a soft pink lining on the front.



He has four paws, each one lined on the bottom with a sturdy nylon fabric.  On the back left paw, there’s even a signature AG star embroidered on.


He also has a tag that sprouts from that paw, and I would recommend that you cut it.


On the back of him, he has a tiny puff tail that sits above the rest of his coat.  It’s my favorite part of  him. ❤


Here he is from the side, he has a white belly, chest, face, and paws,  He also has a white ring around his neck, perfect for the collar!  The rest of his fur is copper, a little bit lighter than a penny.


Other side.


Aerial view.

He also  comes with a purple toy!  It looks like a stick with two tennis balls on each side.  There is also the American Girl Truly me icon on one side of the tennis ball.


The toy fits perfectly in his mouth!  The toy and his mouth connect with an interior magnet.

What it comes with:

-corgi puppy

-magnet toy

How it comes:

-standard AG box

-small translucent bag for toy

-silica balls in bag (throw away immediately)


4.7/5, I wish It didn’t have such a large tag.

This pet is perfect for-

A sporty doll, mostly because his appearance is a lot more tough than, say, Coconut, or Jip.




“Um..This is my spot…”



“Why don’t you go do that over there??”


“Much Better…”



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