Holiday Introductions


I know.  Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and today is Christmas!  I wonder if I’m Excited or not…



WHO AM I KIDDING?  It’s CHRISTMAS guys!  The first sign of the holiday spirit is most definitely a turkey coma. 😉  (Also, Who doesn’t love Elf?)

So I have A LOT of Holiday plans for this blog this year, we’re going big.  I mean, last year, I was so stressed because I couldn’t fit in all my posts before Christmas, but I mean a good stressed…kinda’.  So I don’t really want that happening this year,so to keep you all from wondering what’s next all December in my crazed Elf-sick mind, here ya’all go!


First, I have to tell you that Mermaid Cove is Cancelled until Spring, My pool is to cold,, and even though we don’t get snow, shooting outside is not as comfortable as inside, if you know what I mean. (Uggs get soggy in frosty grass)  So to make up for the lack of Mermaids, We are doing another Photo Series for Christmas!  It’s called Christmas Grace, and it features the crazed life of all my dolls during the Holiday Season!  I’m really excited, lots of plot, lots of Christmas…


And then the other feature is not quite a photo series, but a holiday special..It will probably have 2-3 parts, and I am SO EXCITED!  This one will come later in December, just because I want the last part to be on Christmas Eve…

And I am going to see The Nutcracker, and I am literally so excited to bring my doll!  But the trouble is… Which doll?

I am also going to the AG store with some savings on my Birthday, and I have to decide which doll to bring to that too!

Vote in the comments on which doll I should take to each event!

-Molly, been to the Ag store


-Saige, been to AG store

-Kit, purchased at store

-Maryellen, been to AG store


-Grace, just got back from vacation with me



And, as you know, I always have my other blog at Redheadwithabook, so I will occasionally be seen posting there!  

AND, there will always be the random posts, like a room tour, a Christmas ball, perhaps!  

Merry Christmas Everyone!

And remember…






above is our new holiday sign off!  😀


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