Christmas Grace-Part 1


Hey guys!  It’s 15 days till’ Christmas, and I’m SO excited to take Samantha to the nut cracker today!  There might even be a nutcracker photo story in store for you!

As you all probably know, this Christmas season, I’m going all out with holiday photo stories!  Today is the debut of Christmas Grace, but here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been working on:

  • The Christmas Ball
  • The Christmas Switch, parts 2 &3
  • Christmas Grace 
  • The Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas
  • And Much More!

Now let’s get into Christmas Grace, an original AGdollawesome Christmas photo series!


The stocking were hung by the fireplace with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there…

In 17 days.


I stared at my music in testament.


Because I, Amelia Bernadette, could not get this piece!

I don’t think anybody in the whole wide world understands how hard it is to play “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman,” a week before your holiday concert!   Especially when your band teacher hands you the piece 2 days ago.


I suddenly wished I had fuzzy socks on like Samantha, my older sister did.


“So, Amelia, How’s it coming?”

I could tell she was being polite,  The past forty five minutes had beckoned my other sisters to the other side of the house, with all the squeaks and squaks.  Because, again, I thought I was a good player.

I really wondered how Samantha could stand it, but then I remembered how much fuss she was making about the Christmas tree.

*Samantha’s POV*


I stared at our Christmas tree, with all it’s pink..

Well, I couldn’t exactly call it “pink glory”

We had decked it all out in lights, candy canes, and silver and gold ornaments.

But it still bothered me.


But Kit watched it with wondering eyes.

She loved the thing, in fact, I was told that she was the one who bought it, and I had NO idea why anyone would even sell such a thing, much less buy one.

It was an absolute Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and I had a plan to change that.

*Grace’s POV*


I took abreak as the peanut butter blossoms toasted in the oven.

As I sipped my Starbucks Hot Cocoa, I reluctantly responded to Maryellen’s constant sighing.  “What is it, Ellie!?”


She hung up the stocking by our bed, and I had been the pitiful victim of her moping today.


She was about to hang up Saige’s, when she stopped as I acknowledged her.


“Well,”  she sighed once more, “I tried out for the Nutcracker play.”

This time I sighed.  I mean, on the inside.  On the outside, I acted surprised.

“You did!”  I hoped my voice didn’t sound too fake, she tried out for EVERYTHING.

“What part do you want?  An when do you know the casting?”


“Well, I tried out for only one part.”

This time I showed my disappointment.

“Let me guess, Clara.”

“Uh..yeah.  And the thing is, Saige tried out for it to, and we’re going to know who got it today.”


No sooner did I finish when Saige walked in.


I set down my cocoa when  saw her in her costume.


“GUESS WHAT, guess what, guess what?!”


“You’re Clara.”


She seemed to wonder how I knew, but just shrugged it off.

“I have SO many lines!  And my costume is SO pretty, “she twirled and flipped her hair, “See?”


I tried to tell her about how Ellie felt, but she interrupted yet again.

“I got to get my beauty sleep, acting awaits!”

“It sure does for certain people, “, I heard Maryellen mumble as she crumpled Saiges Stocking.

I watched as she left her stocking unhung, snatched up the left behind script, and raced off the opposite direction that Saige had gone.  And as I hung up Saige’s stocking instead, I wondered what Ellie Jellie had up her sleeves

*molly’s POV*


I can tell when my best friend is sad, and I knew Emily was this morning, all decked out in her snow boots and Grace’s famous I’m-feeling-down eggnog.


I climbed up to her top bunk.



We sat in silence a few moments. “Emily?”  I got no response, “Why are you in our snow outfit from the mountains last year?”


“Why do you ask?  It’s not like I’ll ever need it again.



“It NEVER snows in California!  I want to sled, make a snowman, have a snowball fight with my sister just one time Molly, one time!”

And suddenly I was left wondering how this wish could come true to Emily.  Or how I could do it.


How did you all like it!  Comment, like, and follow!  And be sure to come back in a few days for Samantha’s Nutcracker pictures!

-Sam and dolls


21 thoughts on “Christmas Grace-Part 1

  1. I’d love to see more pics of that clarinet- it’s so cute!!! 😍😍
    Hey, do you like Ruth B’s music? I’m listening to one of her songs right now. (In My Dreams) I also really like Lost Boy. 😃 Her music is beautiful! Waiting eagerly for the next part!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, I love Ruth B, her voice is so pretty! My favorite is Lost Boy…
      And I have a post that involves the real clarinet and the mini one coming in January..
      In case you’re wondering, I got the clarinet of Amazon for around 20 bucks, it was well worth the money because the case is so darn cute!

      Liked by 1 person

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