The Christmas Switch-Part 1


Hey guys!  So I took the pictures for the first part of The Christmas Switch, and i’m pretty excited about it.  😀

It might be short, but let me tell, you the next part, will be the longest, and that will be posted mid-December.  The last part will be scheduled for Christmas Eve!

Oh, and three more quick updates, Christmas Grace Part 1, will be debuting December 10th, tomorrow!  Samantha is also going to the nutcracker tomorrow,  comment on what dress you think she should wear!  Lastly, after my dad gets home from work, we’re getting our Christmas trees!  (Special photo story on that coming up!) More information on my various trees at redheadwithabook, on December 11th.  😉


*Emily’s POV*

It was a tradition.

As in, what we were doing.

In our long winter coats on this dreary cloudy day, we walked the 3 blocks to the mailbox, Kit chattering away as I shuffled quietly, listening to the jabber she put on her Christmas list.

img_1616“And I want a scooter, a new American girl doll, ”

I couldn’t bear it any longer.  Kit and I had our differences, but this is what we did every year. I felt as if I was lying by not telling her.  So I told her in a different way.



“Y-you still believe in Santa Claus?!”  Because even though she did, I did not.  I never even wrote one, a letter to the north Pole


For a second, she seemed to shrink under my gaze…

And suddenly, I wanted to take back what I said, even if I meant it.

“Um…”   She didn’t speak for a whole minute.

“I thought we both did, and we always deliver our letters together!” she continued in a quieter voice, “I thought we both believed.”


“Kit, wait,”

“Let’s just keep going, there’s no point anymore.”

We walked in silence the whole entire way there.


She dropped her letter in the mailbox slot.


“Wait, wait.  i think it got stuck, just gotta get in there..”


I gasped, “KIT, no!  Come back!”

“No, I think I see it-”  she was cut off with as shriek as her boots disappeared down the mail chute.



I grabbed her foot, but as it slipped out of my grip, I made a split second decision.

Because Kit had to get her letter, she needed to.


And as I slipped into the mail box, I saw what I never though I would see…

Hope you enjoyed the cliffhanger!  and are you guys excited for Christmas Grace tomorrow, because I am!

What dress should my doll, Samantha, wear to The Nutcracker tomorrow?

-Sam and dolls



12 thoughts on “The Christmas Switch-Part 1

    1. Oh, thank you so much Madison! Yeah, at my friends yard sale, I saw this SUPER lacy dress on an old broken china doll, and I just had to have it! So I took the dress and left the dolly naked. Poor china doll, at least Samantha has a dress for today!


  1. Oh look Kit is my twin… falling in a mailbox yeah that sounds like my life. XD
    Sammy!!! Have her wear an ugly christmas sweater, over a really jaw dropping gorgeous dress. So she could get there and everyone would be snickering about her sweater. Then make her rip it off making the crowds gasp and angels sing. Then make her say something like “You shall kneel”! Something with a Loki vibe. Have everyone kneel, and she goes and steals the crown from the nutcracker prince. Flips her hair and makes an extravagant exit. Or just y’know do your thing. 😉 Also quick question: Does your Emily have a British accent or is it American? I don’t know how her voice should sound in my head.

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