Samantha’s Nutcracker Pictures

Hey dollies, it’s Samantha the doll here, and as you probably knew already, I went to the nutcracker last week!  We went with kittylover106, and her doll, Terry.  We had a great time, and I just thought you would like to see me, myself, and sometimes Terry atvthe Nutcracker ballet!

First, before we started the ballet, Samantha, the human, FINALLY finished taking pictures for the photo story starring ME!  It will come soon, my dollies…


Here I am in front of the theater!  (Samantha, the human again, got many weird looks from passerby, and people attending the nutcracker…


Next, lets take a moment to appreciate my beautiful hairstyle that fell apart after 2 hours of dutifully sitting on Samantha’s lap.  Got the beautiful-ness?  Good.


Here I am in the lobby!

I tried to take a selfie, but Terry photobombed one of them.   XD  :/


The Nutcracker sign..


And we’re waiting…


And waiting…


And we’re done!  I got chocolate on my face from Samantha’s giant chocolate chip cookie, but Samantha wiped it off before I could lick it off…


The program, was so interesting!


I had a great time at the nutcracker!  My dress was from kittylover106’s yard sale, and doesn’t it look great on me!

-Samantha, the doll


13 thoughts on “Samantha’s Nutcracker Pictures

  1. People do not understand.. doll blogging. I’ll go and take pictures or stopmotions outside… and the neighbors are like.. what! 😉 Great photos! Looked like a great time.
    -Geeky_Girl ❤


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