AGPS Contest-Challenge 5

Okay everybody, I’m going to start off by saying that I’m really sorry that I’ve been SO awfully behind on the AGPS Contest!  The holidays caught up to me, and I’m lucky that Light4thelord reminded me!  This contest will definitely come again in 2017, but for now we have the last challenge!

agpscmaryellen strawberry

The only person who participated was light4thelord.

She had a great retro photoshoot!

It was worth 32 points!

So team Maryellen is 296 points.

I’ll be dropping comments by your blogs if you have participated in 2 or less challenges, but for now the theme for challenge five is…

Holidays, Hannukah, or Christmas!

You photo’s are due December 27th.

Have fun, and here’s a little reminder of the rules.

Take at least ten pictures of your Doll according to the category.  To submit, put them in a blog posts, slap on a title, and shoot me the link in the comments.

There will be five challenges, and each challenge, I’ll pick the best photo shoot out of all of them and give that person’s team 5 extra points!  Here is how I will judge each photo shoot score:

-Sticking best to the category

-thinking outside the box

-including a pet-3 points

-the doll’s outfit

-the doll’s tame hair

-photo quality

-bokeh in at least two photos-five points

-Two Dolls-3 points

Plus, if you enter one, you already get five points!

NO EDITING, but I allow watermarks!


What are we waiting for!  Take your photos!

-Sam and the Dolls



13 thoughts on “AGPS Contest-Challenge 5

  1. I just got back from a week long cruise, (which was amazing btw) but I will definitely try to participate and get the post up as fast as possible!! ~Julia ❤

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      1. Just don’t read it! You’ll find out what it is all about when the time comes! But for now the surprise must remain a secret! ~Julia ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The most I’ll tell you for now, is the surprise is coming along better than I ever could have imagined! I plan on revealing this secret to you within a few days! I hope you can hang on that long! ~Julia ❤

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