The Christmas Tree Ball: A Short Little Photo Story

Ever heard of an ugly Christmas Sweater?  ( I have this ugly striped one…)

Well this is a traditional ugly Photo story.  You see, Last year Right around Christmas time, we did another short little photo story.  You might have remembered it, because the awesome CLARA from Clara’s Craft Corner, awarded that post with the award for cutest photo story!  Thank you Clara.  You’re awesome.

But now, a year later, I realize that that was not my best post, and now I’m kind of considering it an ugly photo story, so I thought, let’s make it a tradition!  the-christmas-tree-ball

BTW, in case you’re curious, you can read last years ugly photo story HERE.

*Adaline’s POV*

It all started when we got invited.  We had no idea why, and we jumped around when we saw it.  After all, it was the most prestigious event of the year!


So we put on our favorite dresses, got our eating mantra’s from HERE on, and we skipped on over to the Dollywood Cardinal hall, where the Christmas Tree ball was held.

We figured that a lot of fancy people would be there, so Ellie and I gave ourselves fancy British accents, and we used them all night.

The only problem was, the hall was so big, and we split off in opposite direction!  I laid down under the giant tree, and was wondering why people were staring at me, while Ellie raced over to stuff a few of the good sodas in her pants.  I think she also got weird looks, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what she gotta do in case she is in desperate need of soda later on.


“Excuse me, ” I came up to a lady in my british accent, “Jolly good day, but have you seen my amigo, Ellie, she’s in a gold dress,”

She shook her head without a word, and then I saw her on the opposite side of the room…

*Maryellen’s POV*


I stared at the lady for 30 seconds until she acknowledged me.

“What is it?” she asked.  Strangely enough, she didn’t have a British accent.  She must be an outsider, I thought.  I was killing my accent.

“Lady, have you happened to see my mate, Adaline, she’s in a silver dress,”


“Um..” she started,


“Oh, there she is! Thank you so much madam!” So I raced off and when I realized Adaline was doing the same, it was too late.


We both shrieked as we plummeted to the floor in our rocking british accents, knocking over the ham, the good orange soda, AND the Kosher Relish!  (I had no idea why we needed relish, maybe fancy people put it on their ham…)


The soda soaked the tree skirt and Amelia’s dress..

imageAnd my hair got greased by the ham!


And as the fancy people laughed, we mutually decided to laugh with them in our perfect British accents, so it didn’t look as weird.


Hope you guys enjoyed and maybe got a little yuletide laugh out of it…




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