Christmas Grace-Part 2


Hey Guys!  So Christmas Grace Part 2 is debuting today!  I’m really excited because this is where all the action begins…

Click here for Part 1


*Emily’s POV*

“Where on Earth are you taking me Molly?”

She had dragged me out there fully fledged with my coat.  There was absolutely no snow to be seen, and I guess you could say I’d been feeling down more than ever.

“You’ll just have to see Em!  It’s my gift to you from me.”

I guess I did just have to wait and see.

*Samantha’s POV

I was on a mission.  I absolutely had to replace the skimpy, fuschia Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  But there was one prime factor:  getting past Kit.


Unfortunately, Kit came back from volleyball practice as soon as I was 5 feet away from the ugly tree.  I had bought a brand new tree from the tree farm and I was hopefully going to avoid Kit’s questions.


“So Samantha, what are you doing?”  I flinched as I heard a squeak from Adeline’s clarinet.

“Uh, Nothing!”

“Really?  Because it looks like you’re moving a tree…”


And that’s it!  Kind of a short part but Christmas morning will be the scene for the finale.  Probably will be posted on the 27th..

-Samantha and Dolls




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