Molly’s Doll


Merry Christmas everybody!  It’s Molly, and while Samantha pleaded me not to, I just knew that this blog was destined for 2 posts in 1 day!  ;D

So anyways, this is the story about how I had the best Christmas ever.

I kid you not.

My lips were pursed as Maryellen opened her doll.  Her doll.  Her best friend.

Oh how much I wished for a doll.  Almost every sister had one, and I’d been asking for one every Christmas, for the last 2.  But unfortunately, there had been no doll for me underneath the tree, and I expected none the less this year.  Maryellen cheered as soon as she saw her look alike’s face.  She shook open the box, fingered the bows on her dress, and flipped through the pages of her book.

Oh how much I wanted to do that!


Emily, the “mom” of the family looked over to me with her cup of coffee in her hand, “Go on Molly,” she urged, “open it!

“Oh!”  I had been spacing off for a minute while Maryellen played with her doll.  I stared at the bag in front of me.  What could it be?  A basketball?  A scarf?


There was only one way to find out.  So I opened it.

And you’ll never believe what was inside!


I looked away, “H-how?…”

I couldn’t believe it.

Miri Ann McIntyre.  My mini me, was here.

I stared at her, I traced her sweater, I flipped through the pages of her book…


Just like I had always dreamed of doing.

-Molly and Miri McIntyre


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