The Christmas Switch-Surprise Interactive Game


Oh my goodness, you guys!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I hope you guys are having a great Christmas FULL of surprises.

So I thought, “what’s another Christmas surprise?”  and here I am today.  I’m having a WONDERFUL Christmas, I went to the Christmas Eve mass last night, and I’m excited to show you my Christmas haul in a few days!

Wait….What’s the surprise, you ask?

Well…I turned the Christmas Switch into a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE INTERACTIVE GAME!  😀

Yay!  So excited!   I’ve been working on this so very hard for the past two weeks, and it has all come together!  (BTW, this is a SCHEDULED post, so I’m probably enjoying Christmas with my family while you are reading this…)

Just a few thing you need to know before you choose your own adventure:

  • As you go, there will be different colored FLAGS according to the adventure choice you choose.  You will be reminded of this in the game, but just scroll until you see your colored flag.  Here’s an example:  You have two choices, A and B, you choose B.  I will tell you to stop when you see a PURPLE  flag.  You scroll until you see the purple flag and keep going.
  • Each flag has a letter on it.  Collect your letters, and you’ll get a special surprise at the end!
  • You start at the top, and work your way down according to the flags.
  • Read the introduction
  • You are Emily, not any other characters
  • And have lots of fun!
  • Comment
  • Like
  • Follow!

Have fun, and Be sure to tell everyone about this adventure!  Plus, there’s a very special surprise at the end…

-Start Here-



*Emily’s POV*

It is a tradition.

As in, what you are doing.

In your long winter coats on this dreary cloudy day, you walk the 3 blocks to the mailbox, Kit chattering away as you shuffle quietly, listening to the jabber she put on her Christmas list.

img_1616“And I want a scooter, a new American girl doll, ”

I couldn’t bear it any longer.  Kit and I had our differences, but this is what we did every year. I felt as if I was lying by not telling her.  So I told her in a different way.



“Y-you still believe in Santa Claus?!”  Because even though she did, I did not.  I never even wrote one, a letter to the north Pole


For a second, she seems to shrink under my gaze…

And suddenly, you want to take back what you said, even if you meant it.

“Um…”   She doesn’t speak for a whole minute.

“I thought we both did, and we always deliver our letters together!” she continues in a quieter voice, “I thought we both believed.”


“Kit, wait,”

“Let’s just keep going, there’s no point anymore.”

We walk in silence the whole entire way there.


She drops her letter in the mailbox slot.


“Wait, wait.  i think it got stuck, just gotta get in there..”


I gasped, “KIT, no!  Come back!”

“No, I think I see it-”  she is cut off with as shriek as her boots disapear down the mail chute.



You grab her foot, but as it slips out of your grip, You make a split second decision.

Because Kit had to get her letter, she needed to.


And as you slip into the mail box, you see what you never thought you would see…



Letters.  You are falling in letters.  You look around frantically for Kit, and thankfully, she’s right next to you…


You find yourself propped up on top of Kit.

“Ooww…” , you both moan in unison.


You quickly stand up and look around.  Kit takes in a sharp inhale of breath and points.

“Woah..” she says, “I think we’re in the North Pole!”

You sigh, trying to tell her the truth.

“Kit, It’s not the rea-”

“OH MY JINGLE BELLS!”  she interrupts you, “It’s an elf!”


“Holly, Jingles!  You’re lATE for work!”

“Um-we don’t work here,”  you start,


Kit turns to you, “Emily, just go with it!”

“But Kit!  We probably just landed in some Mall.  Maybe Macy’s.”

“Then how do you explain the falling letters?”

You don’t know what to say to that.

Looks like you have  a decision to make!

A.  You go with it

B.  You deny that you work there

If you choose A, just start on the next picture from this sentence.  If you chose B, scroll down to the SECOND RED FLAG YOU SEE.  That means the red flag just below this isn’t the correct one, scroll to the SECOND RED FLAG, and collect you first letter!


Start here if you chose A.


“Uh..” you start, “Sorry we were late…”


“Are you kidding me Jingles?!”

My name is Jingles?, You think.

“It’s only one day until Christmas, and Santa is ALWAYS WATCHING!  Just because he’s sick today, doesn’t mean you have to slack on your job.”



Kit yells very loudly at the elf.  

“I have questions Elf.  What’s your name?  Is Santa Sick?  What’s our job today?”


“Wow.  You can call me Noel, and This is Dept. 34, toys and letters.  And are you too sick or something?  The whole elf congregation is depending on you to save Christmas!”


“Wait a second, Santa’s not real!  Cut the pretending, what department store is this?”


Noel shakes her head, “Honestly, are you two sick?  Santa is ill!  He chose You two to deliver the presents to all the girls and boys! And you still haven’t accepted the job!  You better have an answer by today, or Santa will have to choose some other Elf!”


What do you do?  Accept or Turn Santa down?

C.  Accept

D.  Turn down

If you chose C, Accept, Scroll down to the first GREEN FLAG YOU SEE.  Collect your letter, and read on.

If you chose D, Turn Down, scroll to the next YELLOW FLAG you see.  Then, after you finish reading that section, scroll down to the pink flag!

 Red, if you chose B, Yellow, if you chose D.  Collect B if you Chose B, and collect E if you chose D.


“Um,”you start, “We need some information First.”

You and Kit compromise to test her knowledge.

“What’s my favorite Christmas cookie?”

Nobody except Grace, Kit, and I knew this one.


“Duh, “she pulls down a plate of cookies.  “I made these this morning,and I wanted to make sugar cookies with frosting that says my name, Noel, but we didn’t have the right frosting.  Your favorites are gingerbread cookies.”

Kit snatched a cookie even though I had watched her eat five last night.

“What did I want for Christmas last year?”

“Um, Santa got you new knee pads for volleyball and a new volleyball, soccer ball, and a football.”

“Woah…”Kit and I whispered in unision.

“Uh, ”  maybe this really isn’t some mall, maybe this is really something special, something magical.

It’s Christmas Eve Emily, You think to yourself, what does your heart tell you to do?  To do for your sister?

“What do we have to do?”


“Did you bump your head falling through the letter chute?  Santa chose you two, Holly, Jingles, to sub in for him while he’s ill.  You can either accept to ride his sleigh across the world, or you can trash an unforgettable Christmas Eve. ”

And you know the answer, you know what you have to do.

You accept.  After all, you should make Kit happy, this might be the last year she believes.


Noel hands you your uniforms.


4f        3f

COLLECT BOTH LETTERS NO MATTER WHAT YOU CHOSE ABOVE.  So now, you should be at B-E-L.  Now keep going and collect more letters!

Continue here, if you chose C, and if you read the text directly above by choosing D.


“Okay, then!”  Kit smiles.

You blink slowly, “This is our first takeoff!  Wish us luck Noel!”

Noel waves at you from the 34th department  warehouse behind you.

“Are you sure you know how to work this thing?  It runs on Christmas spirit after all.”, Kit says as you wince according to the mean spirited comment.

“It’s gotta be simple enough,” you say.


“But the reindeer are sick too!” Kit reminds you, “you have to believe.

Do you believe after everything you’ve seen?  Make a decision!

E.  You believe in Santa, truly

F.  You stage it to make Kit happy, after all, everybody else says that Santa isn’t real.

If you choose E, continue on, and collect the black flag letter below.  If you choose F, scroll down to the SECOND Black flag you see.


STOP HERE IF YOU CHOSE E.  Collect your letter!  Now you should be at B-E-L-I


“Kit, ” you turn to her.  Because after everything, the elf, the gifts, the letters, the sleigh, you realize that maybe the people at school are WRONG.  Maybe there really is a real Santa.  Either way, you know one thing for sure, you believe.

“Kit, I believe.”

She grins, and away you fly.


Now you can go down to the next 3 dots you see.


Collect the black letter and keep going if you chose F.  You should now be at B-E-L-I.


“I believe Kit.”

You’re still a little bit skeptical about the whole elf thing, and you wonder if this sleigh is a joke too, so you just sit down and the sleigh flies off.

Continue here no matter what you chose above.



You fly through the night sky with Kit, on Santa’s sleigh, and your heart beats faster and faster!  Maybe you do believe…just a little bit.

You go to over 2ooo houses, and it’s as if time is going extra slow for you…

You fill stockings and deliver presents.

And Kit was absolutely no help at all.


Kit eats every type of cookie at every type of house, all over the world..  And then while you’re filling a stocking, she appears next to you…

“Uh, Emily, I think I ate too many cookies.”

You know what that means..

G.  You clean up Kit’s mess

H.  You make her do it.

Continue if you choose G.  Scroll to the next 3 dots if you choose H.


You search around the house for carpet cleaner, but unfortunately, Kit’s present does not have a cure.  You find a rug though!

Continue here if you chose H.


There is no carpet cleaner to clean up, and neither of you can find any.  But Santa apparently has a rug in his sack, so Kit figured that would do…

*please ignore Samantha’s hand.*


CONTINUE HERE NO MATTER WHAT YOU CHOOSE!  Collect the letter above.  You should be at B-E-L-I-E


You ride home from the house, Kit clutching her stomach.  You continue on throughout the entire world, until you come to a certain household in California.

And you believe.  You believe more than anything ever before!


Your House is more beautiful than ever.  All the decorations, everything.


You lay down each present carefully, you eat the cookies instead of Kit, and Kit shakes a purple box.

“We should totally get a sneak peek, ” she says as she begins to undo the ribbon.  You grab her arm, “We have to wait Kit,” you say, “Just like everybody else.”

Bonus letter for holding back on presents, you should now be at BELIEV


You climb up the chimney…


And fly away.

After all, you just have to believe.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


You should be at BELIEVE.

Congrats!  You have finished agdollawesome’s Christmas Choose your own adventure game!  Comment if I should do more of these, and put this image on your sidebar:


Merry Christmas Everybody!  Be sure to comment, like, and follow!

-Sam and dolls



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      1. Ooo, COOL! I got Truly Me #53, my Sophie Foster doll! (I’m going to get her a new wig). I also got a tripod! I got a few more things but I will show you them in my haul!

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