What My dolls are Wore on Christmas Morning


Hey everybody!  Happy December 26th!  I hope you all had a very merry Christmas, so comment down below what you got!  I would absolutely LOVE to find out.

I had quite the Christmas myself, and a haul is for sure coming your way!

Anyways, all my dolls were very comfy-cozy in their adorable socks, slippers, and snowman sweaters on Christmas morning, So I though I would share what they wore with you today!


First up, we have Molly, my oldest doll, whom I received on Christmas Morning, 2013.  She was the first.

She is wearing adorable green gingham pajamas’s, homemade by my Grandma!  For her hair, she has on a headband that Mya, from Aglane made me.  She also has a dollar store scrunchie in her braid.  It has rhinestones in it!  My favorite piece of this outfit is her slippers.  You simply can’t go wrong with these cute little bunny slippers!  So fuzzy..

I think she got them from Etsy.  🙂


Then we have Emily!  I unwrapped Emily right after Molly!

Emily is wearing a pink starry robe sewn by my grandma.  In her hair she has a hair clip from Kit’s Floral outfit.  For her socks, she is wearing cute little off white ones, from Kit’s School Skirt Set.


Some might call Saige The star of the family.  After all, she’s a little bit of a show off, and she always looks her best.  I received Saige 6 days after Christmas on my birthday from my parents!  She’s beautiful.

Saige has on a snowman sweater and sweater vest sewn by my Grandma!  (The sweater reminds me of Olaf!)  She has on Jeggings and brown UGG boots from Amazon.  Her earrings are from Grace’s meet.


Next up is Kit, the tomboy of The family.  She doesn’t like to dress up, But Saige may have forced her into her glittery outfit!  I purchased Kit with my own money at the AG store in March, 2015.

Kit has on a glittery sweater sewn by me and some cranberry colored leggings sewn by my grandma!


My fifth doll, Maryellen, was ordered from AG by me online about a week or so after her release.

Her hair is finger curled, and has on her American Girl Pj’s from her collection!  I got this set from my other grandma , along with a matching one for me!


Then we have Samantha, whom I got on Christmas, 2015.  I had been wanting her for quite some time, so you can read about that Here.  She’s the practical one of the family.  🙂

Samantha’s hair is curled with foam rollers, and she has on a blue starry nightgown sewn by my Grandma.  As for her socks, they are cute little red ones from Emily’s Meet Outfit.

Then we have Grace, I got her right after Samantha on Christmas, 2015!

She has on pajamas that I actually won in a giveaway!  That’s right, I won a funwithagfan giveaway in July 2015.

She has her hair in a loose  braid with a white scrunchie!  Her white socks are from Maryellen’s Meet outfit, and her earrings are from her own accessories.


And last but not least, we have Amelia.  I changed her name a few weeks ago, just to test it out, but Amelia just sounds right  to me!  

I got her on my birthday from my other grandma in 2015.

She has on a sweater from Emily’s Meet outfit, shoes from Ellie’s meet outfit,a nd a skirt sewn by my Grandma.

Which outfit was your favorite?  what did you get yesterday?

Merry Christmas!



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