My Guide To the AG Store


OK, Christmas is over people, it’s official.

And in the world of the AG fandom, we’re officially excited for the GOTY, the GOTY release on January 1st, and the sales, Sales, SALES!

I’m going out on a limb here and guessing you’re going to the AG store sometime soon, most likely in 2017.

I’ve been to the AG Place a few times, and when it is really, Really, REALLY Crowded, it can get stressful, and you can even get anxious to leave!  

And that should never, ever happen.  The AG store is an American girl fan’s DREAM!

So I thought about some tips and hacks to make you and you doll’s experience at the AG store a great one!

So let’s just get right into this post!

Before you go, you should…

Before you go to the AG store, it’s a great idea to have a plan.  I mean, you could  always just go there and not know what you’re going to run into.  But from my experience, you should always have a plan.



So be a doll with a plan!

  • Go to the AG website to make a list of what you want to see in person, what you want to buy, and what you want to show your family members how stupid something is.
  • I don’t recommend using the catalogs to do this because the catalogs only hold about half of what AG actually sells.  Plus, the website tells you what’s on sale!
  • Figure out how much money you have to spend.  Like, the AG store isn’t as fun when you don’t have any money.  I only allow myself to go after I’ve saved over 200 bucks.

Figuring out what doll to choose to bring is hard.

So make absolute sure that you don’t bring two.

I did this once, and it was a mess, a horrible horrible mess.  They’ll get in the way of the experience.  Even carrying them in a bag is hard, never mind without one.  And stuffing them in a backpack is an option, unless you want them to “see” the AG products and take pictures of them.

Here’s the features I recommend that  your doll to have to bring to the store

  • hair that’s not easy to mess up with, really long, really curly, or really frizzy

  • a doll that’s never been to the AG store before. (gotta’ make it fair, right?!)

  • a doll without loose limbs, it’d be pretty traumatic to drop her leg in the middle of a store

  • a doll without glasses or other small accessories

  • maybe a doll that looks like you, because that’s pretty cool to show off!

  • or a newer doll, because then you can say you just bought her!

  • a doll with her hair up or in braids

And then you need to pick out an outfit to put on your doll, here’s what I like to put on my dolls:

  • A homemade item
  • Their meet outfits
  • an outfit you just bought
  • an outfit from their collections

Now that you picked your doll, an outfit, and a plan, what about pictures?  

Taking pictures at the AG store is really cool, like you may want to feature a full tour, your doll posing with products and other dolls, or just some of the really cool stuff you bought.  But lots of AG fans know what the store looks like, so maybe you’d rather go without pictures, it your choice!  However, you shouldn’t post your Ag place pictures in two parts, readers often fail to have interest in between long gaps, and you might struggle to keep up.  Also be courteous when taking pictures, don’t push or shove anybody out of the way, everyone’s there because they love AG, just like you do.  

I also think that a camera strap or wristlet is very helpful, as you don’t want to drop or lose your camera.

Now what do you DO at the AG store once you get there?

Spend, Spend, SPEND!  Keep track on a piece of paper so you don’t go over budget.  Look at both floors first before you put stuff in your basket.  Here are some facts to know about the AG store:

  • They let you open the boxes to see what’s inside.  
  • At the front window, you can play with the stuff that’s set out
  • You can open to doll boxes to pick the perfect one
  • In my opinion, the food there isn’t overly tasty
  • But the desserts are!
  • Wear comfy shoes, because you’ll be doing a lot of walking
  • The hairstyling station will be really crowded, and certain hairstyles can be up to 25 bucks!
  • Have fun!

So now you know all about what to do at the AG place, now make a plan!  American Girl awaits you wallet,

-Sam and dolls

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25 thoughts on “My Guide To the AG Store

  1. So true (all of them)! I NEVER spend my money on their hairstyles because I figured out that I can do all of the ones they offer except one. So, yeah. I’m actually saving up little by little because you’re right- it’s no fun going without enough money! Is that picture up at the very top yours? Because if so….
    ~ Light4theLord

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  2. Great post! Another doll you may consider is to bring a long retired doll. I recently brought Nellie and I couldn’t believe all the comments I got of “Oh it’s Nellie! She’s so cute!” A custom doll (if you have one) is even better.


  3. I’m actually going to go to the store tomorrow! There is a huge sale going on only through Dec 31st and only in store. Almost every TM thing is 60% off and lots of Maryellen and Melody items are 40%off!

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  4. Great post! I love your tips! I’ve been to the store a couple of times, hopefully I can go again with these tips in mind!
    I like your tip on bringing your doll’s meet outfit. Last time I went, I brought Julie in her (original) meet outfit, and (If I am remembering correctly) the lady at the register was commenting on how the old outfit (that my Julie was wearing) was more historically accurate. Kinda fun to have people notice those kinds of things! 🙂
    Again, great post, and have a great time when you go!

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      1. Idk of my other reply went through, but…
        Thanks! I think I am going to learn more about the new GOTY then decide if I want her. I am pretty sure my sister is getting her so she will “probably” let me borrow her, hopefully. 😝 (If my other comment came through, you can delete this comment if you want.)

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  5. Last time I went it was raining and we were parked far away so I couldn’t bring Isabelle 😦 Awesome post!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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