Saige The Star’s Birthday Giveaway+Why The San Francisco AG Place went out of Business Because of “Saige”


*I will be writing in blue, and Saige will be writing in black*

Oh Hello there!  It’s Saige, the star.  And yesterday was the most important day of the year!  “Why Saige? “


WELL, Yesterday was none other than the star’s Birthday!

“Um.. it was also mine.  Coincidence?  I think not.”

Yesterday, Samantha took me and some other sisters that are not worthy of my mentioning to the AG Place San Fransisco!

“You mean Kit and Amelia??”

Huh?  Again, not worthy.  Anyways, I think the AG place went out of business yesterday!  BECAUSE OF ME!  How cool is that?

“Um, kind of cool, except they didn’t go out of business…”

Well, Ms. Grumpy pants, I did manage to grab the last box of Lea’s Beach Accessories!

I dont think that counts…

Anyways, now that Samantha is going to shut up because I duct taped over her mouth,   I am going to show you what we bought at the AG Store! *

*Note from Saige & Samantha- These items were paid for with either our own money or money given as a gift  unless otherwise stated*


Oh!  What’s in that bag over there you ask?  That’s a very special starring surprise for all 135 followers! ;D


First, we are going to start with all the outfits, modeled by my sisters who are NOT birthday girls or stars.

We have Samantha in her fancy coat set.  The fancy coat set retails for 36 dollars and includes a faux fur coat, white gloves, and a matching hat!  This is perfect for snowy days, although we don’t get many!  :/


My personal favorite is the Sparkle Spotlight outfit, and we grabbed the last one there!  The shoes are my favorite part-they have a pink bow and are perfect for mix and match.


We have 2 of the newest mix and match sets, the shorts, the green shawl, and the yellow sequined tank!  (We are not quite sure what they are really called, as we purchased them the day they came out!)


I like Melody’s Floral dress and her Play outfit a lot, especially the play outfit top!  The tassels are to DIE for!  (Which is ironic, because I’m celebrating my birth..)

The Winter Warm outfit and Rebecca’s costume set.  Rebecca’s costume set is the best thing Samantha has ever purchased from AG, it had so many pieces!

As for accessories, we got:

  • The Truly Me Sleepover set
  • Lea’s beach accessories
  • Melody’s travel essentials
  • Kit’s accessories
  • Rebecca’s bedroom accessories (purchased by Grandma)
  • Samantha’s bedroom accessories (purchased by Grandma)
  • Turquoise glasses (Purchased by aunt)
  • AG beach accessories PWP (Purchased by aunt)
  • AG healthy smile set
  • Socks and sandals (purchased by aunt)

AND!  Drumroll please…


I bought #21!  She is SO cute!  I’ve wanted her for quite some time, and she will play quite the role in upcoming photo stories!  

So excited!

(I also got the T-Shirt from my aunt, and I bought another one for somebody else)


What’s in the special AG bag?

Glad you asked.

It’s ALL part of..

Saige The Star’s B-Day Giveaway!

In the bag is The AG Tropical Print dress, The AG Birthstone earrings, and The AG PWP Swimsuit!


The winner of Saige The star’s B-day giveaway will receive:

  • An  AG star sticker
  • AG PWP swimsuit
  • AG Tropical print dress
  • AG birthstone earrings
  • a signed poster for your dolls
  • A new years card from Samantha

Now what are you waiting for?? Go enter!  No.  WAIT.  


To win the above prize package you have to do something for me!

You have to take ONE picture wishing me a happy birthday to enter.  BE CREATIVE.  I will not be judging your photos, but I will choose the best five, and randomly pick from those five.  So be original!  (BECAUSE YOU COULD WIN A PRIZE!  From me!)

Here are the rules!

-You must have a parent/guardian permission to enter, for I will need your address if you win

-You must take only one photo, and send it to  In the subject, put “Saige”, (without quotation marks).  If you do not put the word Saige in the subject of your email, your entry will not be counted

-Your photo is due by WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11TH, 2017.  I will post all the entries the next day, tell  you the top five, and announce the winner on FRIDAY JANUARY 13TH, 2017

-The theme of your photo is my birthday.  You may put a short caption underneath your photo.  You must be following my blog to enter.

-AFTER you have emailed your photo, comment below saying so, and include any of the bonus entries below:

  • Follow by email
  • follow by gravatar
  • Reblog
  • post about this giveaway on your blog (I give you permission to use the first image in the post
  • Tell me what your favorite kind of ice cream is in the comments

Have fun!  And happy birthday to me, Saige the star!  

Thank you for 135 follows!


-Saige & Sam



30 thoughts on “Saige The Star’s Birthday Giveaway+Why The San Francisco AG Place went out of Business Because of “Saige”

  1. WOW! That’s a LOT of stuff! How fun- and congrats on #21!! have you named her yet?!?! Maybe she can be part of my new feature! And Happy Birthday to Saige!! I’ll work on your birthday picture SOON! Oh, and can I go ahead and tell you what my favorite ice cream flavor is? I already followed you… and I think my favorite is uh…. anything with chocolate and caramel and vanilla!!!
    ~ Light4theLord


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  3. Happy ‘late’ Birthday Sam and Saige!
    I hope you guys had an amazing one!
    Have a fantastic rest of your day,
    Peace to the world;
    – Lucky
    (P.S I sent you my entry photo via email a minute ago!)

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I also followed your blog through my email,
        re-blogged (will also talk about it on my blog) and my favourite flavour ice cream is white chocolate!

        Liked by 2 people

  4. I sent you an email with my picture, but OOPS! Was it supposed to be happy birthday to Saige or to you? I’m so sorry, my picture says “Happy birthday to Samantha!” and I have to go like now so I don’t have time to edit it… I hope it still counts!

    My favorite kind of ice cream is rocky road! I mentioned this giveaway in my newest blog post, “Thank You!” and shared about this in three different social media locations (don’t know if that counts but here are the links).


    Good luck to all who enter and I hope I’m not too late!


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, and I just wanted to let you know that………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..YOU WON THE GIVEAWAY! Check out my latest post for more info. 😉 Congrats!

        Liked by 1 person

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