Meet Paisley!


Hey everyone!  It’s Sam.  As you guys may already know, I bought #21, Paisley, at the AG Store on my Birthday.  I honestly wasn’t planning much to get a doll, but self discipline is set free while I’m at the AG Place.  😉


Anyhoo, #21’s name is Paisley, and she is 8 years old.  She is the littlest sister of the Agdollawesome family.  😀


I must admit, the minute I saw her curls, I fell in love.  On both sides of her part, she has 3 tiny little pin curls.  Her hair came in pigtails, and if you ever purchase #21, do not be nervous to take them out!  They turn into beautiful curls when you brush it out and finger curl it.


Paisley is a Truly Me, and she only wears pink.


I’m thinking that she’s a ballerina-to-be.  Ya’ know, tutus and all that.  Just cause’ I have a doll tutu that I never ever use.  ;P


Just look at her curl!  😀  I’m in love.  😀  ❤


I believe she has a bear named Bowie!  It’s the teddy bear from Samantha’s Bedtime Accesssories.


Would you like a comparison between her and Kit?  Or maybe Maryellen?


I’m in absolute love with this butterfly bracelet from American Girl.


Anyways, I just thought you guys would like to meet the new addition to the family.  I took an unhealthy amount of photos of her, as she is the most photogenic doll ever.  So..




Okie Doke!  Now little dollies, be sure to enter my giveaway to win an AG place star sticker, AG gemstone earrings, the AG tropical dress, and an AG Swimsuit!  ENTER HERE

Stay absolutely Fabulous,



27 thoughts on “Meet Paisley!

  1. Paisley is so pretty and photogenic! And guess what?! It snowed here!!!!
    *Screams and dies from excitement*
    Obviously, I had to take an AGPS of Sophie so I will be posting that soon!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The water bottle is so ADORABLE!! I also have #21 that is named Katie. Awesome photos! Also, congratulations on the new doll!
    P.S. Katie says “HI!!!” to Paisley! Twins!


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