acne, leftovers, experiments, and turtles-an original Agdollawesome photo story





I sat in front of the Television, absolutely positively…


After all, I had just finished doing all of my 8 sisters’ laundry, the dirty dishes that Grace dutifully left out, and dusted every surface.  I guess that since I’m the oldest, I’m the most responsible.  I hate to admit it, but I like being in charge of everything.  Nobody notices everything I do, of course, but it’s okay.

But it’s really hard when you’re this exhausted.


“You Realize Saige has been in the bathroom for like, 10 hours, right?”

I had watched as Kit slugged from volleyball practice, threw her dirty uniform in my laundry basket, slammed herself on the couch, changed into her 3rd pair of clothes that day, and then kicked her soccer ball on the couch and hit me on the elbow 12 times.  And in those actions she had managed no more than a moan that lasted 5.3 seconds.

It surprised me that in her hibernation period that lasted about half an hour after athletic practices she would even think to interact with me.


“It’s just, she’s not like, fast  in the bathroom or anything, it’s just she’s late for her cheer leading practice in 20 minutes…”

Uh oh.  Saige can’t miss her practice, she’s captain of the cheer leading team.


“You’re right, Kit…”

Kit usually couldn’t care less about her sister.  Both fierce competitors, but in different areas.  Kit played almost every sport, including volleyball.  She went to practice every day, as did Saige.  But Kit certainly doubted that cheer leading counted as a sport.  


I was just about to shout out her name, but she sprinted out.  One hand covering her face and the other holding a mirror.

“I-I’m HIDEOUS!”  she shouted.

“What’s wrong Saige?”  I asked as I sprang from the couch,


“There’s something on my FACE!”  she sobbed, turning her head.


“A-And your braids are UNEVEN!”

I should have seen it coming, but I decided to help her out anyways.


“Oh Saige, it’s just..”  I stopped myself from giggling..


“A PIMPLE SAIGE!”  Kit alerted, cracking up,


I turned my head to her, signaling, not NOW Kit!”

“Saige has NEVER had a pimple before!”  She held her stomach as laughs spilled out.


“WHAT AM I GOING TO do Emily?!”

“Uh.. Um..”   I frantically tried to think up a way to get rid of it.

“POP IT SAIGE!”  Kit yelled unhelpfully as I shot her a dirty look.

“Um.. did you wash your face?”  But Saige was already pulling away from me,




“I need your help..  It looks like your doing some sort of awful disgusting sciencey nerdy stuff, so OBVIOUSLY you need to help me. ”


” Whatever you want Saigey!”  I loved it when Paisley called her older sis Saigey.




“Good, because you need to help me get rid of this p-PIMPLE!”  Kit Laughed out loud even more.


“I’m absolutely hideous Paisley, make Amelia help me!”  I groaned as I realized what Saige was doing.


*REALLY sorry that the camera didn’t focus*

“And why should we help you Saige?  Everyone gets pimples, except for Paisley, of course.”

Kit laughed some more, “Yes Amelia, but NOBODY has ever gotten one that BIG!”


I rolled my eyes at the laughter.

Paisley looked to Amelia, “PLEASE!  Saigey needs help Amelia!”  She groaned in destest, “fine then Saige, but don’t bug us while we’re going it.”

“SQUEEE!”  Saige jumped up and down while I pondered how she could make her voice go up that high.


*Molly’s POV*

Ellie stared down into the glass tank, where two tiny turtles squirmed happily about inside.

“Molly, didn’t Emily SAY you couldn’t have a turtle in the house.  After all, we do have 5 dogs and 2 cats…”


“Well NOW look who’s acting like an Emily!”

She was right though.  I had totally disobeyed Emily by buying the turtles anyways.  But turtles are cute and adorable!  I didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t get some.


Maryellen plopped down on the ground and began to deal the uno cards.

“As long as Emily doesn’t find out today, we can totally break it to her tommorrow, and then the turtles will steal her heart and she’ll let us keep them.


“What should we name them Molly?”

I had been pondering that for quite some time then.


“Mr. Snoodles, and Bucket.  ”

“Bucket?  That’s a weird name.”

“But it’s a cool name.  Imagine if a parkhor ninja came up to you and told you his name was bucket.  Would you think he was more cool, or less cool?”

“I guess more cool.”


She held the Uno cards in her hands, “But what if the turtles get out TODAY?”




“Trust me Ellie, they won’t!”  We head off to the bunk beds to play our Uno games, keeping a close watch on the turtles….


But apparently not close enough.

*Samantha’s POV*


I walked around the house blindly, absolutely buried in my book.

People often say I have my nose constantly in a book, but I don’t really care, both because I was reading when they said that, and it’s 200% true.

And then I fell on top of Grace.


“OW!  No!  Who on Earth-”  I straightened up onto the bed, and tossed my book down.


“OK, good Samantha, it’s only you.”


I stared at the tray she held in her hands,  were those what I thought they were?


“Are-are those Christmas Cookies??  Christmas was 3 weeks ago!”


She stood up and tossed a few to me, “But you still want to eat it though, right?”

“Uh, I guess…”


She bit the top hat off the Frosty.  “After all, I am the one who made them, so shouldn’t I get a say in who eats it?”

“No, no, Grace!  It’s not that, but you and I are supposed to be-”  how was I going to put this?  “the goodies of the family.”

Grace and I weren’t exactly close, but we were still opened on the same day, and I thought that that kind of strengthened our sisterly bond.


“Stereotypes really don’t matter though, do they?”

“I guess not.”

“But then again, what do I know!”


I guess I knew one thing, we totally wiped out our cookies.

Paisley’s POV


“Amelia, why were you being so mean to Saigey?”  I had been wondering this while Saige left a few minutes ago.


“Paisley, sometimes Saige- uh Saigey  can be a little bit pushey, believe it or not.”


“So…are we going to get to work on our experiment that you planned, or are we going to make the stuff for Saigey?


“Umm, I think Saigey can do with this.”

Emily’s POV


I watched with confusion as two green balls warbled across the carpet, Molly and Maryellen chasing after then screaming. “Mr. Snoodles!  Bucket!  Come back!”


Wait… I thought, Are those TURTLES?



Ina blur Molly landed with an “oof” and covered the runaway turtles with our brand new beach towels, Ellie still shrieking behind her.



Grace was being no-so-stealthy as she creeped around the chaos with a christmas platter with green and red crumbs on it.

Kit was still laughing, Saige was yelling her head off at Amelia as she applied the “miracle cream, Samantha still had her nose in a book, and Paisley told off Amelia.

“Listen up evero-“






I fell to the ground, but still yelled as loud as I could,

“Grounded!  Everyone!  Mr.Snoodles, Bucket, everybody!  Molly, Saige, Kit, Ellie, Samantha, Grace, Amelia, Paisley!  GROUNDED!”

And I wonder why they whisper that I give out groundings like a flight attendant gives out peanuts.



-The End-


Hi everybody!  It’s Sam!  And I have a photo story for you all today, my first one of 2017!  I’m super excited about it, and I just wanted to let you know that every Saturday, I will be posting a photo story, because honestly, I REALLY enjoy making photo stories,  On Monday and/or Thursday, I’ll post whatever, and on Wednesdays, I’ll either post a DIY or a Review.  Okay then!  Be sure to like, comment, and follow!



33 thoughts on “acne, leftovers, experiments, and turtles-an original Agdollawesome photo story

    1. Aww! Thank you SO MUCH Madi! That means a lot to hear you say that, you have no idea! I might not do the watermarks anymore, they take me double the time it does to post. 😅😂. Saige couldn’t go to cheerleading because she got grounded. 😎😉😊. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hahahaha!!!! Oh man. April and Saige would get along great. No sarcasm intended. Lol. Awesome pictures, by the way, they look professional. Which would make sense you are a pro. They should’ve named the turtles Leonardo and Raphael or Mikey and Donnie from TMNT.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Aw, that’s so cute! 💜 My family used to have a pet bata fish named Purple Scales Fisher. I named him, of course. He actually lived for, like, two years. Then one of my little sisters got a red bata fish and two tiny frogs named Fred and George, which all lived in the same tank. Long story short, Geprge ran away and the fish ate Fred. I can’t remember the fish’s name, but it could’ve been named Voldemort. 😭


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  2. LOL! This is so funny. I love the part about her giving out groundings like a flight attendant gives out peanuts. That’s so awesome.
    It seems like my Autumn and your Saige are cousins. Both are red-haired drama queens XD.
    When I was little, we had an apartment with a minor mouse problem. So instead of setting out glue traps or something, we set out live traps filled with peanut butter. Every time we caught a mouse, we’d name it after one of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet and let it go at a park.
    I think the name Bucket is a good one, just personally. Keep up the good work! -Tess


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