AGDA is on Pinterest?, OOTW, & Mail


I’m so excited and angry for this post at the same time!

I had a DIY planned, but ya’ see, I took the pics before Christmas, and they are not on my chromebook, and I deleted them from my camera.  So we’re going to just go with this, and do the DIY next week.  I know, I know.  I really know.  So today is next week’s post! *cheers!*


Yep!  We got our account about 2 weeks ago, so GET ON YOUR PINTEREST AND GO FOLLOW US.  PLEASE.  

Click on this linkedy-link to go to our pinterest.

Yeah!  So I’m really excited, and If you follow me and I know you, (not in IRL, of course.) I will follow you back.  Do you have an pinning know how?

Please share in the comments!   I am a helpless pineapple.  And you are a wise one.


And we have an OOTW today!

Burger CRAZY!


First, we have Ms.Sam in french braids.  And while that style may not represent her personality, I have to admit they look adorable on her!


My grandma made the shorts, they’re very cute and high-wasted


These shoes are from OG, but I took the laces out to look like keds.  I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed.  ❤


And I made the burger crop top!

I think it looks OK, it definitely fits OK.  I made my own pattern for this, and  got the FAB-ric (none of you except one person will get that reference.)  from probably Joann’s.  Maybe, I don’t really know.  I think the fabric is supposed to be used for Pajamas, but  used it for a CROP TOP!  Go me.  😛


AAGH.  Sam in BRAIDS!  FRENCH ones!  I want french braids AND french fries right now.




First of all, I won PPP!  I won this adorable NOTEBOOK for my dolls!  It looks so real and so cute, it has leather, I just really can’t explain how much I LOVE this thing!  And a colored pencil for my dolls, AND a poster from

Check out her blog, It’s amaze, you better follow her too.  ^^^

Geez, I’m very following forcy today?  We’ll just roll with it!


Mya and I are penpals, you might already know that, but if you aren’t following her blog WHO EVEN ARE YOU?!  FOLLOW HER AWESOME BLOG.   WHAT?  You aren’t following her Youtube EITHER?  What are you doing??  FOLLOW HER AGTUBE

Anyways, Mya MADE me the shirt that Kit is wearing, I love it!

The FIRST thing she sent me was all these cute AG earrings!  They are too darn adorable!  They are the pets earrings and the TM Doodle Earrings!

And she is so sweet, she even sent us a doll smoothie she made, AND a doll paint set!  Amelia also got a letter from Lea!

AND THEN, we got dollie ice skates from her!  As you can see, California is far from frozen, but we did manage a little photo shoot with Paisley coming up!  The only thing we have is frosty grass, no snowman for us, but what we love about these skates is that the dolls Can STAND UP in them!  It’s so cool!

We are done with this post, I hope you enjoyed!  You guys are awesome.

Do you have any pinteresting tips?  Do you like our burger OOTW?




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