Doll House Tour


I haven’t done a tour IN FOREVER.  My doll “house” has changed a lot.  Just look at this link ⇒ OLD ROOM TOUR

Ha!  I dare you to leave a comment on that cringy post, just for fun.  So people have been asking me about doll furniture.  So now I can be lazy and just leave them this link. score

Yeah!  So welcome to my doll’s crazy  cozy little home!

My doll house is not a house at all.  It’s just the wall underneath my book shelf and the wall beside the door.  It’s too long to photograph, but the above pic shows the wall under my bookshelf and the living room, bunk bed, and kitchen is the wall next to my door.


First, I have the bouquet bed set from AG.  I think it is 275 bucks, very expensive but worth it.   It comes with a messenger board, covers, doll pillow, and doll organizers.  Fun fact:  Mya and I got this set on the same day!


The wall behind it is the cover of the AG DK ultimate guide, again very expensive, but it  is like an American Girl Bible, go buy it, pretty awesome.


For the pillows, we have an OG kitty neck pillow, a nerdy Coconut pillow, and a long tube pillow thingie.


In the trundle, I store my doll Pajama’s.


On the corner, we have an AG beach bag,a custom tote, and the AG Tweed Driver’s cap.


*sorry for the blurry pic*

On the shelves, we have a bunch of letters from fellow bloggers, and assorted doll stuff and cards.


The book shelf is a painted desk organizer from Target, on top of an AG tray.  There are a lot of mini doll books inside, and some AG books next to it.  The camera is from Kit’s collection, and the fabric is from an OG sewing set.


On top, we have mini Sammy, Kit’s cameras,a golden camera, and an AG catalog sticker.

My mom did the AG posters in her amzing calligraphy!  Thanks Mom!  And the card is from Mya, and there are a bunch of other stuff from Mya and random posters I made.  I also put up some doll photos I took.  ( look at the tiny polaroids!)

The desk is a spray painted jewelry box, and there is an OG microscope, paint from Mya,mini canvases, assorted AG stuff, and mini doll tape.  The OG sewing machine is MY FAVORITE DOLL THING I OWN.

img_4039In case you were wondering, the drawers are a hodge podge of stuff!

This is an old AG salon center that my Grandma bought me!  In it is a drawer with hair ties, one with bobby pins, and a cabinet of bath stuff for dollies.

We have a little teeth brushing set-up, melody’s towel, and stuff in Melody’s bathroom case.  There is even more in the mirrored flip cabinet.


Moving on to the section beside my door! Here is the living room.  ^^^


The couch is a garden planter covered with blankets my grandma knitted


I own Maryellen’s Television set and I have adorable dollies nesting dolls  and dominoes on top!

On each side of the TV, there are TV trays holding a music box, a parasol, and records.

Next there is the dining room!  The poster is from the awesome Julia, the chairs and table are made by my Mom, and the tablecloth is a towel.  The jams are from…

The AG fridge set my grandma bought me!  Review coming soon!  Above that is a shelf from the Target desk set I mentioned earlier, and it holds a bunch of kitchen supplies.


Oh, and above the TV are some posters!



I made the counter with glue and scrap wood, and the posters are both from HHOAG and photos I took.


My grandpa made me the oven, and I made the pot rack.  The oven actually opens and closes and has racks!


Dollie baking supplies ^^


Here is the bunk bed!  My grandpa made it for me, and hand carved the details.  Wow!  I love it so much, I got it the same day I got Saige, so almost 4 years ago!  Adorable!



Pets playing.


The bottom bunk is Paisley’s and has the bouquet bedding, sheets sewn by grandma, a banner from OG, and Bowie of course.

The top bunk has bedding a pillows sewn by me, mini dolls, Kit’s typewriter, and assorted random jewelry.


And a poster and a memo board.

I hope you enjoyed my doll house tour!  Do you have a doll house?  Are you inspired by mine?  Drop me a comment, like, and follow!


~Behind The Scenes~


28 thoughts on “Doll House Tour

    1. Aww, thanks! I’m thinking maybe someday I can reduce space by putting a wide shelf above the rooms above the wall by my door. Aww, thanks! creativity struck at that moment, and I used it as my signature!


  1. Very cute dollhouse setup! You have a lot of big pieces from American Girl, I bet you have a lot of fun playing in there. My dollies have a dollhouse that’s set up in an old closet in my room.
    Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you! Yes, I’ve been collecting for almost 4 years an I must admit I spend most of my money on AG furniture, XD! That’s cool you have a closet doll house! I use my closet to organize doll clothes and human clothes too…


      1. LOL. I know what you mean about cats getting in pics – did you see my Barefoot Tag post? Two cat photobombs XD.


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