Mini Doll Ventures~The Rebellion



Hey guys!  I dunno, I’m in the middle of a big project with my 18″ dolls and none of them were dressed, so I decided to try out a mini doll photo story!  Maybe it’ll be OK, I’m really not sure, but if you liked it, be sure to let me know whether or not you would like to read more of these!

Molly-Anne’s POV

We watched closely as we could to make sure that our hopes and dreams and plans wouldn’t be squashed like a bug.  The door shut with a clang.   Our eyes were facing the grass and the sky in the unfortunate positions our owners had left us in.

“We don’t have much time Sammi, get up!”


She moaned, the huge blades of grass muffling her voice, so I quickly helped her up, although I was practically blind.

Sammi, Samantha’s doll, stood up.  I think she gawked at me, but I wasn’t sure because she was REAL blurry.

“You don’t have your glasses on!”

“No duh!”

It was all part of the plan, somebody would come soon with my glasses, if she actually remembered something for a change.

Luckily, she would never forget something like this.

Becca came armed with my silver glasses, and when I put them on, I could finally get a good look at our surroundings.

“Oh my gosh, I almost forgot them, because I remembered I needed to eat lunch, but then I remembered your glasses, and forgot about lun-”

I held my hand to stop her because sometimes that was what she needed.  “It’s OK Becca, you’re here now!”

She let out a sigh of relief, until Mary hollered across the yard.

“I’m HERE!”  She shouted in a sing-song voice.  She carefully lowered herself off the human picnic bench, careful not to set her shoes dirtied.

Mary was way too vain for my liking, but Robin, on the other hand, was okay.


“I made it!”  she gasped for breath throwing herself on the grass.

“By the way, Mary, Paisley REALLY wants me to ask you to borrow that pink dress-”


“ROBIN!  That is exactly what we’re here for!  Those 18 inch dolls think they can own us just because we’re mini dolls!  But let me tell you, mini dolls RULE!”  I was expecting all of us to yell in agreement, but it was only Robin and I who did so.

“What exactly is your plan Molly?” Sammi asked, and Becca nodded, “Yeah, tell me because I might forget!”

“Well, in order to take over the big dolls, we need to INVADE their territory.  And we are starting out here.  Any questions?”  I wanted to keep it short, so when everyne raised their hands I shouted, “Ok mini dolls, CHARGE!”

And we basically played follow-the-leader across the patio.

And then I saw it, in all of it’s awesomeness.  The net.

“Molly, what on Earth is that THING?”  Mary asked, fixing her perfect ponytail.

“I think it’s a pitching net Mary”, Sammi explained, but I cut her off, “No, it’s OBVIOUSLY a portal!”


“Oh.”  Sammi looked genuinely guilty, “my bad.”

” We should climb it!”

“YES BECCA!  That’s the first great idea you’ve had all day!”

And just like that, Mary, becca, and I were about 1/4 of the way up the portal.

“C’mon guys, what are you waiting for?”  I asked to Sammi and Robin standing below us.

“Um… wouldn’t it be a lot better if we split up?”

I narrowed my eyes at Sammi at that remark, but soon understood that she was afraid.  And we didn’t need fear in our mini doll rebellion.

“Fine, fine.”  I waved them away, climbing the portals magic netting one by one.


Sammi’s POV

We came to a small mound of giant human sporting equipment.

“Good call Sammi, I bet you they’re going to fall, plus that would be a little scary up there!”  I knew she was just trying to comfort me, Robin wasn’t scared of heights, but she didn’t know that I wasn’t either.  I knew they would fall, but I had a plan.

Robin jumped on top of a blue object, and I began to draw on the ground with a grainy crayon.   And then I heard a scream.  From Robin….

“HELP!”  her voice was very high pitched compared to the human voice, “Mom, I caught one!”

What the small human didn’t know was that her mother was not paying attention, and Robin was in no way a bug.

“No!  Robin, come back!”  but it was hopeless, the human was already sprinting in the other direction.  I hoisted my plan to the “portal”


Sure enough, I had timed it just right, my sisters were dangling by their toes.

One by one, they fell into the brown bean bag, what the human had called a mitt, an then I heard Molly’s scream….


“Where are my glasses?”



“Uh…. a little HELP please?!”






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