What A FIND!


I was literally screaming and running wildly about yesterday…

Ok, lets just say there will be a lot of excitedness in this post.

So I was bored at my house on Saturday, just posted, and my grandma was staying there.  She and my two aunts were going shopping so asked and of course I came with.  We got lasagna and ravioli, but that isn’t the best part.

So we go to an antique shop at a small old fashioned town about 45 minutes away from my house, and we walk though it.

Basically a bunch of junk people got out pf their houses so that they were not hoarders any longer.  It was REALLY big, all these nooks and crannies, probably as big as an Old Navy store.   I see this mini shopping cart, I’m thinking of buying it, until I come to this one nook at the very back of the store.  There’s a lot of junk scattered around on shelves and things, but when I see it, I know exactly what it is.

I see Molly’s Retired Red bed.

I look at it, it’s BEAUTIFUL.  One problem though:   there’s a taxidermy puppy sitting on it.

Eew.  Gross.  I take my sleeve over my hand so I don’t touch it and flick it off the bed.  Molly’s bed is completely intact, just missing the rug and the two pillows.  On the price tag in cursive handwriting is…

American Girl Bed $29.00


It was sold in 2012, my oldest catalog for 65 bucks, and if AG still sold it it would probably be 80-90 bucks.  Sounds like a heck of a deal to me.  So I asked grandma because I’m broke from the AG store, and I HAVE IT NOW.

Here are some Ebay listings I found:


I got a good deal.
Now, it’s not in mint condition of course, mostly because of the poor taxidermy puppy, and that is why the bedding is in the wash right now.   I used a lint roller on the upholstery and mattress, and it has the AG tag on it, and I’m so excited I don’t even know how I’m going to fit it in my doll room…

Also, it has a small crack in the plastic bed structure, but I’ll take a hot glue gun to it.  It has a little stain on the back of the headboard, but you won’t be able to see it unless you look closely, so it’s in pretty good shape if you ask me!

I have been waiting FOREVER to find an awesome AG deal somewhere weird, and I finally did just that!

I’m VERY excited!

There was an old lady that worked at the store who saw me carrying the bed all excited, and she came up to me and told me it was her granddaughter’s and she was SO happy it was in the hands of someone who would love it just as much as she did!


Now, I have a question for you guys:

What kind of room do you think I should make with it?  A Molly room?  A sporty room for Kit?  Just a room?  A photography room?  Tell me what I should do with it in the comments!





17 thoughts on “What A FIND!

  1. OMG. That is amazing! I can’t believe you got her bed! Color me jealous! 😂 I think you should make, I don’t know, maybe a cute room with polaroids on the walls? I think that would look adorable with Molly’s bed.



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  2. My sister has Molly’s old bed! And my other sister had Felicity’s old bed, and she gave it to me! I also own Kaya’s old tepee but I have it folded up and put away, and I never use it because I have no where to put it! ~Julia ❤

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  3. That is so cool! I’ve seen the prices on ebay for the bed and decided to make my own out of an AG doll box. It makes it even more special that the lady was happy to see you buy it. I know that feeling. I donated two of my dolls to a church rummage sale and I happened to be there when two different girls picked up each doll and bought them. I was so happy they were going to good homes!
    Can’t wait to see what you do with the bed.

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  4. I have that bed!!! I got it for free from some relatives, without the rug or pillow, but it was still in great condition! So cool that you got it for that steal price!

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  5. How awesomely cool is that!!!!! Madi came from a Goodwill… 😀 I think it’d be totally awesome to feature it in a V’s day post (I mean, it’s red, after all) and then turn it into a patriotic/sports room! You know, with Dolympic posters and everything. 😀
    ~ Light4theLord

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  6. I’m sure that if you just give it a few moments of quiet thought, you will know exactly what to do with it. I love your posts and as you must be about the same age as my granddaughter, I just love your grandmother to bits!!! 🙂


    1. PS My grandmother left me one of the dolls she had as a child, which was antique even then, a porcelain headed doll with a sawdust stuffed body. My grandmother made dresses for my dolls and I loved her so much and I miss her so much. She’s been gone since 1999. But it makes me really happy to read about grandmothers and granddaughters sharing the love for dolls. I began doll collecting when my own granddaughter was younger and was Barbie obsessed. She’s outgrown it now and here in the UK, American Girl dolls have another name and probably are a few years behind in popularity. But as I said, I so enjoy your blog. You’re an excellent writer and I’m really impressed with your skills in bringing your dolls to life.


  7. WOW! What a find! I think it would be cool if you collected stuff from Molly’s collection to make a historical room. I don’t know how much you could find but it would still be neat! Aw! That is so sweet! At least now it can be played with!
    ~ Taryn


  8. Congrats on the great find! That’s crazy, because a friend gave me a doll bed for Christmas with homemade covers, and I think it’s Molly’s bed without the covers! I just found that out! I also remember once getting a doll desk from an antique store, and later (probably much later) discovering it was Samantha’s XD . It’s so fun to suddenly discover things like that!
    Also, I nominated you for the 2016/2017 tag! 🙂 https://smileandcraftag.wordpress.com/2017/02/21/20162017-tag-bibpc/
    It was fun reading about your exciting find!

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    1. Wow, thank you for nominating me Gracie! That is awesome you have the same bed as me! Mine just was missing the pillow, and unfortunately had a crack on the side, but other than that, it’s perfect! It’s going to be Molly’s bed, since Molly is my favorite. 😛


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