Molly’s Guide to Stalking People~For 200 Subs


Hey Peeps!  It’s your gal Molly!


And today, I am going to show you how to stalk your sisters!

OK, so here’s what we know about Emily’s suspicious behavior lately…

~She is currently wearing a huge winter coat, and it’s 80 degrees in California today!

~She’s been on the computer gawking all day

~She didn’t even ground me for whacking Amelia with a spatula!  (long story…)

So I decided to post today, just so I could show you all how to stalk your sisters.

Here is some stuff you might need…


1.  A fanny pack

Fanny packs are AWESOME guys.  Don’t ever let the haters stop you from doin’ your thang’


Anyways, mine is pink chevron, but Saige is hater and doesn’t think that makes it stylish.  But the again, stylish is certainly not my goal today.  Or any day for that matter…

As for accessories, you will need a watch and a scarf.

Your watch just looks cool, especially mine.  (IT DOES NOT SAY THE RIGHT TIME EVEN!)

As for the scarf, you never know if there are any bad people out there you need to deal with…

It also just looks good…

Scissors in case you need to chop a few ropes.   Chopping ropes would be really cool to do.

And a compus. A compus looks like you know where you are going, even when you don’t because you have no idea how to work it…


Oh, and a fedora!

Fedoras are very fashionable, and if you pull it over your face you look like an awesome butt-kicker.


I stole Saige’s strawberry conditioner because she told me fanny packs are not cool, but also because I have a plan for it…


Let’s do this!





You see, the trick is to look innocent…


“Oh my cows potatoes Emily!  What happened?  Did you possibly SLIP?”

“Nice try Molly, you’re grounded.”

NO!  Mission failed…

“But I was just trying to find out what you wouldn’t tell me earlier..”

“Oh no!  You’re not grounded for this, you’re grounded for smacking Amelia with a spatula after she agreed with Saige on your horrid fashion choices.”

I was in fact guilty of that charge…

“Oh.  But why were you mumbling ‘200’ all day?”


“Molly!  We hit 200 followers today!”


“WHATTT???  All these years and posts, we finally hit 200 followers?  This is AMAZEBALLS!”

~The end~

You heard that right, agdollawesome is at exactly 207 followers.  It’s Sam now, BTW.  Hope you didn’t cringe to much at Molly’s amazingness.

So I just wanted to tell you all that I LOVE YOU.

You have changed my life, transformed how I play with my dolls.

Because without you, my dolls would be just a toy that I probably would have grown out of by now.

Because with one girl, 9 dolls, a camera, and 200 followers, Agdollawesome is what it is today.

And now, you have made me believe even more that growing up is giving up.



22 thoughts on “Molly’s Guide to Stalking People~For 200 Subs

      1. Pressure isn’t ever a good thing. My family always gives me a weird look when I carry dolls around (as in, isn’t she getting a little too old for that?). It’s so nice to have the blogging community to fall back on, who still cares about Z Yang getting a studio. (Did you see AGDN this morning?)

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  1. You have a lifetime of being a grown up ahead of you, enjoy every bit of your childhood my sweetie pie. It makes my heart soar to see you combine your love of AG, your creativity, and your gift of writing into something so positive that you get to share with the world. Congratulations on 200 followers! I’ve watched you work (or is it play?) so hard over the years on this awesome blog! I love you, my sweet, beautiful, kind AMERICAN GIRL!

    Liked by 1 person

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