AGDollAwesome’s Take on AG’s Newest Releases…

The AG Spring Release is upon us, lets take a look at the goodies AG has decided to release to us!


Tenney Grant


Tenney Grant Doll and Book- $115

Tenney herself is adorable!  Her denim jacket looks like an awesome piece to have, and her skirt and tee shirt scream “Nashville!”  However, the shoes don’t look nearly as cute.

I love that tiny curl in the front, and her book looks interesting enough.  I’m not quite sure whether or not I like her hands, but I like that it’s so she can hold instruments.

The concept of an AG contemporary doll is a bit surprising, but you know what, I think they did a good job!  Not sure if I will be buying her, most likely not.


Logan Everett doll- $115

I’m wondering why he is the same price as Tenney, when he doesn’t come with a book…

Oh well.  I will not be buying Logan, but I sure do think he is cute for girls who think a boy doll would fit in their collection!  I do like his blue sneakers, as well as his flannel.  🙂


Logan’s Drum set-$68

This set is actually reasonably priced!

However, I doubt this would be used as much for me.

It’s a cool set to have though, I love that it’s not just for a boy doll, it could work for any doll.  That star decal is neat.

I’m a little confused why Logan doesn’t have any outfits, I wish he did.


Tenney’s accessories- $34

This guitar looks really well made, and MODERN!  I love the color and whatever the heck that floral thing is, I like the fabric.

This could make it to my wishlist, but I guess my dollar store doll guitar works just as fine.  ;P


Tenney’s picnic set-$28

Is that fried chicken I see?

Because if it is, I will be owning this at some point.  ❤


Tenney’s Banjo-  $28

Pretty adorable for a banjo, looks very detailed on the sides as well.  My dolls don’t really NEED a banjo, but it is cute.


Tenney’s Performance outfit-$36

WAY overpriced.  However, the lace top is a great mix and match piece and Paisley would love the tutu…

I’m giving this one maybe, because the cowboy boots are too awesome to handle.


Tenney’s picnic outfit-$28

Now this is modern!  I’m in love with the shorts, and the shoes have maroon ties…

A must buy for me!


Tenney’s gingham Pajama’s-$28

The pajama’s are, meh, but those teal moccasins are just… indescribably adorable.


Tenney’s Golden Retriever-$24

Aww!  He does remind me of Kailey’s dog though.

~Truly Me~


Bright Blooms Dress-$28

This is a bit too bitty baby for me to purchase.

I mean, it’s cute, and Paisley would wear it, but that’s it.


Star VolleyBall set-$34


So I went to the AG store in December, and I asked an employee if they had the AG volleyball outfit, but they RETIRED IT.

So I will be buying this, very soon indeed.  I love volleyball, stars, and so does Kit, so let’s do this, it will be owned by me before summer.



Bright and splashy tankini-$24

Meh.  I would wear this, but it’s too bright for the dolls.  I also have a lot of doll swimsuits.


Beach Cooler set~$28

This is overpriced, but those tiny sandwiches are not something I’m going to pass up.


Eater basket set-$28

I’m going to make this, and then post the tutorial on my blog, and it will be less than 28 bucks.

Plus, my dolls have too much Easter stuff…


Ballet Outfit-$28 


That headband..



Felicity doll and book-$115

Wow.  She is gorgeous.  Of all the dolls, I would get this one.  I love her, I’ve read all her book, I like her better than Tenney.


Felicity’s undergarments-$28

But all you can buy for her are overpriced under garments?

Come on AG!

Kit mini doll set-$48, Kit’s mini golf dress, $34

I love this new outfit for Kit!  I’m a Kit-a-holic, and I own almost all her dresses, so this is a must buy.  No surprise her mini gold set is backordered…


Kit’s Play dress-$28

Someone, send help, I’m broke since I bought the vb outfit, and then there’s this!  CUTENESS OF SWEET KIT IS TOO MUCH.


Maryellen’s flamingo swim outfit-$34

This is like, the cutest outfit Maryellen has.  That flamingo purse, what the heck, it screams swag.


Julie’s Peasant top outfit-$32

I’m not a fan of Julie.  But this outfit is an exception.  The pockets are kittens guys.

So concludes my thoughts on the AG spring release 2017!  Do you have any opinions to share?  I’d love to hear!  Drop a comment down below!  Just a heads up, no photo story Saturday, I’m working on the AG Gazette.



18 thoughts on “AGDollAwesome’s Take on AG’s Newest Releases…

  1. I was waiting for someone to post about the new releases! I was doing my homework when an ad popped up about the new AG releases. I almost screamed xD I really like Tenney’s picnic outfit and the volleyball outfit. 🙂 Do you know if any doll can hold Tenney’s guitar? I’m thinking about getting it for my dolls, but they might not be able to hold it with the classic hand mold.

    ❤ Audrey

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah! I figured it would be cool to be the first for once! I’m going to oder the VB outfit today or tommowrow, and OMG I WAS SCREAMING TOO!
      I’m not sure about the guitar thing, but I’m sure some clear rubber bands can do the trick. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have mostly the same opinions as you! My favorites are Tenney’s picnic outfit and the one with the lace top and tutu.
    P.S. I’m going to AG tomorrow after school to see the new releases! I’m gonna do a vlog. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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