AG Photo Shoot Contest #2~Sign Ups


AG bloggers and photographers UNITE!

Back in September, I started the AGPS Contest, and it went OK, but I knew that I had to do a second one that was EVEN better!  Not many people entered, or took the photos, so THIS time, I’m hoping it will be a lot different!

The American Girl Photo Shoot Contest is a friendly competition where bloggers compete on teams, (more on that later)

Each week, I’ll post a category, and each person from each team will have another week to take a photo shoot of their AG dolls according to the category!  There will be five challenges, and each challenge, I’ll pick the best photo shoot out of all of them and give that person’s team 5 extra points!  Here is how I will judge each photo shoot score:

-Sticking best to the category

-thinking outside the box

-the doll’s outfit

-the doll’s tame hair

-photo quality

-bokeh-five points

Plus, if you enter one, you already get five points!

NO EDITING please, but I allow watermarks!

If you don’t have a blog, no worries!  You can enter your photos per challenge by emailing me at:

This is going to be super fun!  Here are the 3 teams that you can be on:


Team Kanani


Team Kailey


Team Gabriella

So there you go!  Here is how you can sign up:

Comment below telling me that you would like to enter, and which team you would like to be on!  (note, I can’t guarantee you’ll get put on the team you want, but I’ll certainly try!)  Also, put in what camera you use so I don’t have one team with iPhones and another with DSLR’s  ;P

You have until Monday, February 27th, 2017 to sign up!

AND, if you have any questions, put it in  the comments, and i’ll try to answer them best as I can.

What are you waiting for?  Go enter!



40 thoughts on “AG Photo Shoot Contest #2~Sign Ups

  1. I would like to enter! I want too be on Team Kanani, since I have Kanani. I sometimes use my iPad and sonetimes use a camera, so I’ll tell you which one I’ll be using for each challenge. This seems super fun! Were you inspired my Megan’s BIBPC?


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    1. OK, I got you on Team Kanani since you were the first to enter. 😛 Thanks! Well, I was sort of inspired by BIBPC! I guess I knew that there was a whole ‘nother piece of photography, doll photography! So, that’s how it started. ;P

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  2. I would love to enter! I did it last time, but I wasn’t very good at keeping up with it.. But I’ll definitely try to do better this time! I’d love to be on Team Kanani or Gabriela! I use the Canon PowerShot SX120 IS.
    ~Julia ❤

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      1. Sorry I’m getting to this comment so late! I’ve been procrastinating. XD 😛
        OK, so the numoero unon thing with Canva is PRACTICE! Sometimes, if you scroll through the layouts, you’ll find the perfect thing, but I think it’s sometimes more fun to just start from scratch. XD Also, I have found the the presentation design format fits my photos PERFECTLY. If you want it to download as an image instead of a PDF, click on the download, click on the dropdown, and select PNG. Just so you know, when it doesn’t matter when it says “Unsaved Changes”, or “All changes saved”, it will still save the same. You can change the color of the backgrounds, and the transparency of the shapes. If you go on frames, it has lots of frames to put your images in. Hope that helps! It took me a long time to master it, but it’s SO much better than picmonkey, in my opinion. XD

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      2. Thanks, so much. I’m a procrastinator as well. 😂 I’ve been experimenting a lot with it over the past few days. I also found it’s really good for making posters for doll rooms. 😀 thanks for the tips.
        Geeky_Girl ❤️

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  3. Team Kanani! And I’m using an iPad mini, and I have a question. Can I post my entries on Aghomeschool? It’s a clean, God honoring message board.


  4. I went ahead and posted my entries there, but if you don’t want me to post my stuff there I’ll take down that thread.


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