Today, 1 in 7 teens give up something they love so others like them more.

So many girls today will not play with their dolls because they feel pressured to “grow up” by their peers.

So I’m here to tell you it’s OK to like dolls at any age.

My name is Samantha, and I’m a pretty normal tween.  I play sports, I have lots of friends, I make jokes.  Except for one of my hobbies:




It’s not bad to love dolls.  I think AG dolls are a fantastic hobby as in collecting and photography.  I’ve been collecting my 9 dolls for almost 4 years now, and for 2 of those years, I’ve used them as characters on this blog, agdollawesome.



They have really helped me express my creativity.  To me, dolls are just another activity, like sports or reading.  They’re like my own little actresses.  So if somebody tries to tell you that Dolls are just for kids only, that they are creepy, that you are stupid for liking them:

I think that makes YOU the mature one in that situation.

You can love dolls at any age.  If people tell you that dolls shouldn’t make you happy, and they do, then that means that they are unhappy inside.


Don’t let other people tell you what you should or shouldn’t like.  YOU are special in your own way, and if your so called “friends” give you a hard time about that, then go find people you can feel happy around.  There shouldn’t be any teasing, because:

Liking dolls is NOT bad!

It’s just different from other hobbies, and that is what makes YOU special.

Be confident in yourself, because what makes you different is what makes you, well, YOU!


If taking pictures or playing with your dolls is something you LOVE to do and take pride in, then don’t let anyone else stop you.  Dolls allow you to exercise your imagination and creativity.

I want to let you know that I recently told my closest friends.  And you know what?  They didn’t think that that was even a big secret, and they let me know that it’s OK to tell them anything!

Now all of them are agdollawesome fans too!


It makes me SO SAD when doll lovers follow other’s people’s wants over than their own hearts.  Let your heart guide you, so when, and if you ever grow out of dolls, don’t let it be because of other people, let it be because of:

YOUR own decision.



You and I are part of one of the most supportive online communities, the AG community.  And I think we all know that dolls are AWESOME!





❤  ❤  ❤

Reblog, like and comment, I can help.

~Samantha and dolls


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26 thoughts on “IT IS OK TO LIKE DOLLS

    1. Thank you Bella! Yeah, it’s also kind of nerve wracking to tell your friends because it they respond meanly, you pretty much lose that person. But even though that person is out of your life, it will make you happier, since they were unhappy by teasing you. ❤

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  1. When I was younger, a very old German lady lived up the street. Her house was filled with dolls. So even though I grew up in a neighborhood of boys, I had someone to tell me it was ok to like dolls. Throughout cultures, dolls have been and will continue to be important. Thank you for passing it on!

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  2. Truth!! And if you are a mom like me, it’s okay to love dolls too!!! I think doll hobbies are great even as an adult. They encourage our creative side when everyone around us is being so serious. I always say, I would rather be into dolls than be boring. There is always something new to discover in the doll community, and whenever I feel lonely, I know that I have all of my fellow doll bloggers to keep me company. 🙂

    ginnie /

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