Double Review~TM Volleyball Set+Tenney’s Picnic Set

Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday…..

A package from AG!

I paid for it myself!  Plus, I got 40 bucks off because I’m at the Berry Tier in the AG Rewards program, whatever the heck that means.  So, I decided to review them both today!


The Truly Me Star Volley Ball Set

Retail Price:  $36

Contents: 1 pair of knee pads, 1 pair of socks, 1 headband, 1 uniform top, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of shoes, 1 volleyball

Thoughts before purchasing:

So I went to the AG store in December, and I asked an employee if they had the AG volleyball outfit, but they RETIRED IT.  I was stoked when I saw this, and I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT.  I didn’t have enough money, but when I saw that I had 40 bucks off my next purchase at AG, I picked it up!  Plus, it’s time Kit had a uniform.


We’ll start with the headband.  The headband is made of purple elastic, and it was really easy to put on.  But maybe that’s just because Kit has short hair.  It’s a great piece to use for normal outfits too!


The top has teal long sleeves, with a purple neck lining.  It has a white bodice, a plastic AG tag on the side, and an cute AG volleyball Decal.  It’s a gray, purple, and teal star with a volleyball in the center.  There are more stars surrounding it.  The AG logo is put underneath that.  It was super easy to get on, but it the box it wasn’t folded, just rumpled in there.  That was OK though, because I just smoothed it out with my hands and it was fine.   It Vecro’s in the back.


The shorts are awesome because they could work for casual outfits too!  They are pretty short, and they have a silver star decal on the right side.

Now knee pads, in case you didn’t know, are used by volleyball players so their knees don’t get all scraped up when you’re going for the ball on the gym floor.  😛


The socks may have to be the cutest thing in the set!  They’re knee high, and have teal stars all over them.  Adorable!


I’ve always wanted nice AG athletic shoes, and now I finally own some!  And boy, are they awesome quality!  They have elastic ties, and the tongue doesn’t get in the way, which is nice.  The lining on top is felt, which makes for easy putting on.  They have gray, black, and purple details.  The bottoms are super realistic, lots of traction for a doll!

But my favorite thing in this set might have to be the Volley ball.  It’s made of sturdy, hollow rubber, with the standard volleyball design.  On one side, there’s and AG imprint, and on the other side, there’s a purple star!


Overall, it was one of my most satisfying sets from AG!  Kit will wear this ALL the time!

I give it a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5, just because how it came in the box.  But other than that, it’s perfect!


Tenney’s Picnic Set

Retail Price:  $28

Contents:  1 reversible picnic blanket, 1 iced tea, 1 cardboard carrier, 1 fork, 1 container, 1 piece of fried chicken, 1 cup of mashed potato salad, and 1 napkin

Thoughts before Purchasing:

Well, I was in love with the floral blanket.  I was curious to see what the packaging was like, and I also LOVE fried chicken.  I decided to add one more thing to the cart before I totaled off 40 bucks, so I added a set instead of an outfit, and this one was the one I had in mind.

The packaging it came in was not my favorite, however it is perfect for retail selling, just not shipping.  I will not be saving it.  :/

 Let’s start with the blanket.  I LOVE IT GUYS.  The floral side is prettier than the checkered side, but I can see myself using both.  They are lined, the AG ego tag is smaller than usual, which I like.  The ties are cute, and it’s super easy to roll up.  Just fold in half, roll, and tie.  It has plenty of room, and I’m just all thumbs up with this thing!


The cardboard carrier thing is SO realistic, and I love the logo, very modern.  It can fit in the doll’s fingers.  HOWEVER, the fried chicken does not fit, but everything else does.  Maybe if they made it a little more wider, it could’ve fit everything.

The menu is SO cute, the logo is on it, and I love the color palette.  There are many menu choices, which would be so cool to have!  The back says “Nashville’s best!” which I thought was adorable.  ❤


The napkin and fork are the perfect size.  The fork is metal, and the napkin is a lighter blue than the blanket lining, which I thought added more to the set when it comes to cool colors.  The napkin comes folded, and I may iron it sometime.


The fried chicken looks SO good!  It seems like it’s on top of some sort of bread and next to a bit of sauce, and it has some pickles one top.  Maybe I should try it sometime!  Beautifully textured too.


The potato salad comes in a checkered cup with the food truck logo on it.  It has some parsley on top, and it looks REALLY good, I wish I could eat it!


The fried chicken can fit into this little checkered container, it’s made of glossy cardboard, and seems easy to make.  Maybe I could make more!


The tea comes in a plastic mason jar with a gold colored lid.  It has a white straw, and everything is hard plastic.  The inside is SUPER detailed.  There’s a lemon slice and some ice floating around in the tea, and I think this is one my favorite doll drinks AG has ever made.


We also have a watermelon slice, which I was pretty skeptical about until I saw it in real life.  It has some seeds, the red part is textured, and the skin is painted to look exactly like a real watermelon skin.  It’s a super cute piece in this set, and I’m glad it is cuter IRL.


I give this set a 4.5 out of five stars because of how not everything fits in the carrier, but everything else is awesome!  I’m happy I bought this, it’s the one thing from Tenney’s collection I had my eye on.  Maybe someday when I’m bored I’ll make A food truck for this for dolls!


OH YEAH!  And Grace looks like a really cute little southern girl.  ❤

I’m super happy with everything I bought, and there’s a photo story with the VB stuff coming this Saturday..  Do you guys want a photo story featuring The picnic stuff?  Also, I have a special surprise I’m taking pictures for this weekend at my Grandma and Grandpa’s ranch… 😀  😀 😉






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  1. Thanks for the review! The volleyball shorts are awesome and I also like the iced tea a lot. Love the floral fabric too. It’s great that you paid for it yourself 😊

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