Epic Volleyball Fail~A Photo Story



Hey.  So thanks for 235 followers! It was like, 3 months ago when I was celebrating 135 followers, and I just wanted to say I’m really grateful.

So…. Here’s a photo story that was supposed to be posted last week.

*Kit’s POV*



I kicked the volleyball at my feet as I tromped through the doorway of our house, into Molly’s room.

“How,”kick, “many,” kick, “TOURNAMENTS!?”


“Lemme Guess…”Molly inquired, “You lost another tournament?”

I didn’t answer, I had a feeling she knew the answer to that question.

She smirked, “Looks like the Stars aren’t the stars after all!”


I scooped up the volleyball into my ready hands, “Say ONE MORE WORD MOLLY, AND-”

“What are you two Doing?”  

Once Emily came into the room, Molly fell onto her bed with a dramatic OOF, pointing at me, “She-She almost threw her volleyball at my HEAD!”  

Emily shook her head, “Kit….”

“Well Molly was teasing me about how my team lost our volleyball tournament!”




“But it was all HER fault!”  Molly shrieked in protest,

“No, it was NOT!”, and from there, our shouting match began.

“STOP!  Both of you!”

I braced for her to ground us, AGAIN, but instead, a lightbulb seemed to go off in her mind.  “For almost hurting your sister, Kit, YOU will teach Molly Volleyball.  And for teasing your sister, YOU Molly will not complain. Got it?”

“This is even worse than grounding us!” Molly muttered.  I hate to say it, but I agreed with her.

We angrily trudged out to the backyard.


“This is Horrible!  This is an abomination to all punishments!” Molly screamed at me.

It was then that I decided that if she was going to complain, this would be no picnic for her.

“Sit down.”  I told her calmly.  She rolled her eyes, sashayed around, and sat.


“Pick it up,” I called as I tossed the volleyball to her.

And then, she started doing something unexpected, but wasn’t EVERYTHING unexpected with Molly?  She started to GIGGLE.  

There is no giggling in volleyball.  So I lashed out.

“What on Earth is so funny Molly?

She could barely contain her laughter, “I laid an EGG!”

Trying to compose myself I replied, “That’s not anatomically possible Molly.”

“You know what else isn’t anatomically possible Kit?  Me playing Volleyball.”

I sighed,  this was going to harder than I thought.


She picked up the volleyball as I had previously told her to… “Woah!”  she whispered, “This is squishy!”

It was my turn to roll my eyes.


“You hit it like this:”  I demonstrated the correct way to hold your hand when hitting a volleyball.  “Put you first four finger on both hands on top of each other, like a backward high five, and then put your thumbs on top.”


I was surprised how quickly she could mimic me.

“Ok good.  Now, lets work on your serve.”


“You hold it like this, and the with your wight hand, you put your fingers lik-”

I spun around.


“Molly, it’d kind of hard to focus when you’re just standing there with your hands like that.”


“Well, serving is BORING.  In fact, all of this is boring.   How about we just do a rally, have Emily watch us, and continue with our lives.  Volleyball is hard.”

Well than maybe you shouldn’t tease me for losing a game…” I muttered under my breath.


So I agreed to what she asked, and no word could describe how happy I was when the volleyball hit her right smack in the face.  HARD.






27 thoughts on “Epic Volleyball Fail~A Photo Story

  1. K, great story, but… Molly’s overalls! 😍💜 I just about died when I saw them!!! Where did you get them? Cause my dolls need some. Unless you Grandma made them? Also, question about the AGPS contest-can I do a lyric photoshoot?


    🐤😂I laid an egg!🐤😂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. You’re welcome! I’m totally jealous. I would love the pattern! I have a pair of doll sized overalls buckles that would be perfect for it. So, can I do a lyric photoshoot?

        Liked by 1 person

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