Hairstyle: Irish Luck Braid

Irish Luck Braid

Hey everyone!  So…We don’t usually do much for St.Patrick’s day around agdollawesome, even though I am Irish..

Did you know I haven’t done a Hair tutorial in FOREVER.   One of the ones I did back in August 2015 was atrocious, prepare to cringe.. XD  You can read that one HERE

Plus, do you guys have any idea How HARD it is to do your doll’s hair and take pictures at the same time?!  Now I do, I guess.  XD

This hairstyle is fairly difficult, because easy hairstyles, for me at least, are BORING. This took me a lot of practice, so don’t worry if you fail epic-ly on your first try.  Because I totally did.


You will need:  

  • A spray bottle
  • a wire wig hair brush
  • bobby pins
  • 1-2 clear hair elastics


And, of course, a doll!  This hairstyle works best on dolls with long hair, and a middle part.

I chose Amelia for this one.


First, spray down your doll’s hair with water, and brush thoroughly from the bottom up.  You know the routine.  XD


Gather up around this much hair from your doll’s top layer of hair.




Use your brush to pull your half pony higher on your doll’s head.  Make sure it’s pretty even on both sides.  Secure with a hair elastic.

It looks super awkward right now, but it’ll look better later, I promise.  XD


Now, look at where the side of her part is.  That is where you will begin to french braid.  It doesn’t matter what side you start on.  However, make sure their is a little bit of hair left in the front to grab.  If you don’t know how to french braid, there are lots of tutorials on YouTube you could look at.


Begin to french braid, but when you go to grab the hair from the other side, grab a piece of hair from the half pony we made earlier.  This is KEY!  As for the other side, you can grab the pieces from the hair that wasn’t in your half pony tail.


Keep on french braiding…


DID I TELL YOU TO STOP BRAIDING?!  No.  Be aware that the back of the doll’s head is the hardest, I took Amelia out of the salon chair for that part.


You should get to the other side of your doll’s head, and that is when you should braid like normal, because you shouldn’t have any hair left over to french braid in.  It looks even MORE awkward now!


No that you’ve finished that, instead of tying the braid off, just stick a bobby pin at the end to secure it.  You can now decide where to pin the rest of the braid.  It can be where ever you want, but I pinned it under the other side’s braid, if that made any sense, and pinned down the pieces that were sticking up.

Now you have finished your Irish Good luck braid!  Your doll looks beautiful!

Did you try this style on your doll?  I’d love to see!  Send me a pic at:

Happy Early St.  Patrick’s day!  Wealthy Hearts is debuting Saturday!







19 thoughts on “Hairstyle: Irish Luck Braid

  1. This is an adorable hairstyle. And it looks really good on Amelia! If I ever have the time (and energy) to learn how to French braid, I’ll definitely do this hairstyle. I’m actually 2% Irish! Irish people unite! Thanks again for the great hairstyle. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 😊🍀


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      1. I LOVE it! IT’s super adorable and I went on the Irish Luck Braid WAr path on my dolls. So far, Josie and Amy are sporting it! I got pics of Josie, so I’ll try to send them to you soon! I kinda modified it a bit by starting behind their left ear and going around so I didn’t have to finish and bunch it all up at the top!
        ~ L4TL

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    1. I tried it on Maryellen, and in case you didn’t know, Maryellen does have a part, but it’s just on the side. And I would recommend starting it from the side of the part that’s bigger for best results. Good luck!


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