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Bonjour Lovelies!  It’s Grace, the baking Extraordinaire in this family.  Recently, Sammy made a kitchen for me out of foam board!  I think it’s pretty awesome, so today, I’m going to tour it for you, and hopefully give you some inspiration to build your own AG doll kitchen in the process!


But before I start, I’d like to share what I’m wearing!  First, I havethis beautiful cape made by Sam’s grandma. I love it, it’s so French!


This pleated dress was also made by Sam’s Grandma, and I paired it up with the flats from my City Outfit!


Before we begin, I’d like to tell you that we made this kitchen mostly out of foam board that we found at our dollar store.  We used an X-Acto knife to cut it, and you need to be VERY careful when you’re  working with sharp crafting tools.  We don’t want anyone getting hurt!  The tutorial that we followed, and then tweaked a bit to our own tastes, can be found at American Girl Ideas, HERE.


OK then, lets start with the storage at the side of the kitchen, where I store some mason jars, bowls, measuring cups, and our plates.


To make the counter, we covered the foam board counter with Balsa wood, which you can find at your local craft store,  We liked Balsa wood the best, because you can cut it with scissors!  We glued it with some hot glue in certain spots, but mostly with Elmer’s glue.


This kitchen is retro to match our fridge, so we bought metallic corrugated scrapbook paper at Hobby lobby, cut it to size, and used hot glue to line all the sides of the counter!


To cover up this side of the counter, where the sink hangs, we used this pretty fabric!  We hemmed it, and gathered it to stretch across like a curtain.  We cut a wooden dowel and positioned it to keep the curtain in place.



Some extra storage…


Over here is the pantry, and it has two shelves.  We wish we had made it with three shelves so it has more room, so we might fix it so that will happen soon.


And this is my FAVORITE part of the kitchen…The sink!  To make this, we cut a circle in the foam board to fit inside a round tin.  We positioned the tin in place with hot glue, and made a clay frame to over up the hot glue residue.

The knobs of our sink are made from doorknobs, which are hot glued in place.

The faucet it attached by the back, and it’s a heavy duty hardware hook, and you could probably find that at your local hardware store if you don’t have that on hand.


The oven is made out of wood from Sam’s amazing Grandpa!  We love how it’s magnetic, opens up, and has actual oven trays with it!  Love you Grandpa!  ❤


The kitchen island is made by Sam’s mom, who is also handy with wood!  It serves as an island for us dolls and a dining room table.


The tray that holds the butter is made of balsa wood, and the salt in pepper is real, and is stored in tiny mason jars that we found at Hobby Lobby.  The knife and butter is from AG.


The chairs are made of a rectangular wooden bean sawed down to size by Mom.


And this is our fridge from Ag!  {Review coming SOON!}

We love it so much, and it was a Christmas present from Sam’s Grandma!  Thanks Grandma!


Here is everything inside when you open it up.


The priduce has fruits from OG< AG , and a random mini can of peas.  XD


Some goodies in the main shelves…


Nice brown eggs, condiments, and FROZEN JUICE!  I’m too lazy to spell Popsicle 


I hope you enjoyed this kitchen tour, and hopefully it inspired you to make your own American Girl Doll Kitchen out of foam board!

Wealthy Hearts Part Two is coming next week, and be sure to check out DollsNAll’s new series, Save Our Shelter, HERE!  We’re so excited to read it when it comes out tonight!

Au Revoir!

~Grace  ❤


12 thoughts on “Agdollawesome Kitchen Tour!

  1. Wow, wow, WOW! That is AMAZING! You are SO lucky to have that kitchen!!! 🙂 It’s incredible – all the hard work that you (Sam) did and all the hard work that others did really shows how much they love you! I’m dying to make a kitchen for my dolls, but trying to find room in a bedroom that I share with my sister (s – she’s always getting into everything) is pretty tricky! Fantastic tour!
    ~ Light4theLord

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