Review: Maryellen’s Fridge And Food Set


This past Christmas, my Grandparents bought me Maryellen’s Fridge and food set.   I’ve been wanting to review this for quite some time, since it has a way of looking great in any Doll Kitchen!  It retails for 150$ at full price from AG, and I’m so thankful it’s part of my doll collection!  


Lets begin with the fridge. It’s a pink-ish, orange-ish color, and it goes great with any kitchen.  It’s REALLY heavy, and you can actually stick magnets on it!  The top is rounded, so you can’t put anything on top, but it might’ve been cooler if you could.  There is a triangular molding in the metal.  


The handle is made out of metallic plastic.  I think it looks really retro, and it has an AG logo on it.


The back has screws and white metal.


When you open it up, you find the inside!


I absolutely love how there is  a blue plastic lining around the shelves.  It makes it more sophisticated, plus, it’s a fabulous shade!  XD


This pattern appears all throughout the inside of the fridge, and from the little amount of Retro refrigerators I’ve seen, it’s pretty accurate!


This is the bottom of the fridge, door, SUPER detailed!


This is the egg shelf, above the similar empty condiment shelf.  I really, REALLY wish the eggs were removable, but they aren’t.  :/


There is a removable drawer for produce, and it’s pretty spacy in there!  Some people don’t like how they have a produce drawer because there is no produce included in the set, but I just filled it with my own produce I already had!


There are 2 shelves in the fridge, and the bottom one has more space than the top.  It fits everything pretty well, and there isn’t anything that’s too tall to fit in either shelf.

Which is good!  😀


This is the front of the freezer door.  I like how the freezer is IN the fridge, because my grandma told me that’s how they were back then!


It could be more spacious than it is, but it fits every thing in the set pretty nicely.


It comes with a temperature box inside, (I don’t know what it’s called 😛  ) but I wish the knobs could turn!


The inside door has a teal shelf for the butter, and a shelf for the ice pops too!


Moving on to the food that comes with the set!


This is the ice cube tray.  While I have yet to discover a use for a doll ice cube tray, it’s stinkin’ ADORABLE!


And when you pull up the lever, the ice cubes pop out a tiny bit!  They don’t actually come out of the tray, probably because I would lose every single one!  XD  The tray and cubes are made of plastic.


The ice pop box is made of thin cardboard, it looks so cute!  The ice pops look really realistic, but I guess your dolly only has ONE ice pop, not enough to share!


And these babies are my favorites!

THEY ARE DOLL SIZED BUTTER!  *Screams and runs around and shoves 5 sticks of butter in mouth*

They looks real, and they’re supposed to be “wrapped”, even though it’s just plastic, which is fine with me, BECAUSE I HAVE DOLL BUTTER



These are the condiments that come with the set, and there is Grape Jelly, Strawberry Jam, English Mustard, and Kosher Relish.  They are all the same size, and I LOVE them ,especially all the jam and Jelly!

They will be very useful around Thanksgiving!


And we also have some old-fashioned bottles of milk!  They look so cute, and are perfectly sized!  I wish they could fit in the doll’s hands, though.


This is the best thing for Christmas, because it’s a Jello Mold with holly Garnishes!  It comes on a plastic blue plate, which is Awesome and Amazing.


4 Soda bottles are included in the set.  They look yummy, and they fit in the doll’s hand perfectly!


OK, this casserole dish is my true love!  I wish the casserole inside would be able to come out.  XD  The casserole inside is made of corn, tomatoes, carrots, and peas!  There is a matching lid too!


This is the ham, which makes a great Christmas dinner and Easter Brunch item!  It’s garnished with greens and pineapple, and is incredibly detailed!  The blue tray is not removable.


These are the thin cardboard boxes that the TV dinners came in!  TBH, I wanted this set mostly for these TV Dinners AND THE BUTTER!

The flavors are Macaroni with cheese, Beef with gravy, and Fried Chicken!


And they all look so cool!  The paint job on the veggies could be done nicer, but I love the macaroni, chicken legs, and Gravy Beef!  The pats of butter are also tempting for ME to eat… XD


These are the TV Trays that come with the set.  The TV Dinners fit perfectly on top!

The TV Stands are a gold/bronze color, and it comes with a storage stand that you can easily hang the stands on by attaching to.  If the two logs come apart, no worries!  Just snap them back together!  Than, fold them, and snap the tray back on!


The tray has a retro diamond pattern going on, which seems to be a theme in Maryellen’s collection!


The scale of doll to fridge is pretty accurate, as you can see.

~Thoughts prior to owning~

Ever since I saw Maryellen’s fridge and food set as I leafed through the AG Catalog, I fell in love.  But like most AG items, the price is a bit of a problem, especially around Christmas time.  (150 BUCKS?!)  So I hoped.  And hoped.  

And when my grandma came over to visit a few days before Christmas day, with gifts for my cousins and I.  

Since we don’t see our grandma as much as we’d like to, since she lives 3 and a half hours away, she always goes really big with Christmas, and it’s pretty amazing.  There were 2 huge boxes, labeled for Sammy.  

I tore into the first one, and found out that it was the OG Sewing set!  I was so excited, since I had been wanting it for months!  

(Do you guys want a review on that?  

But then, when I unwrapped the second box, I nearly screamed when I saw the AG address on the shipping label.  

It was Maryellen’s Fridge and Food Set!  


Overall, I’m overwhelmed by the quality and uniqueness of this set that sets it apart from everything else!  I’m giving it a rating of 5 stars, since it was totally worth 150 dollars!  

This is well worth the money, and I use it and play with it every day!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Comment below if you want a review of the OG Sewing Machine, and YOUR thoughts on this set!  


There may be a giveaway involved!




26 thoughts on “Review: Maryellen’s Fridge And Food Set

  1. Great review, Sammy! YAAAS DOLLY BUTTER I AM JEALOUS OF THE LUCKY SAMMY. Sammy has doll butter! Sammy is freeeeeeeeeeeee! Please do review the OG sewing set, I’ve been wanting it too and would love your thoughts on the set. Yay happy blogversary Sammy! Ooh, giveaway… I probably shouldn’t enter, because I just won a giveaway, but how could I NOT?!


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  2. That kitchen set is absolutely amazing! We had a refrigerator like that – and ice cube trays like that – when I was younger and I am blown away at seeing them reproduced for your dolls! Soooo cool!!!

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