Two Years


2 years have passed since I began this journey.  This journey has changed my life.  In fact, I’m practically sobbing with happiness, sadness, and excitement right now.



Because the truth is…

Blogging has changed my whole world.

Without you, without over 250 followers, without every comment, without every click of the like button, I would not be who I am today.  You, my dear reader have made my dolls not just simple toys, but a beautiful blog.


But no journey is existent without a STORY.  So let’s begin with my story, with YOU.  Shall we?  You can click out of this if it gets too mushy, I don’t blame you.


2 years ago today, April 7th, 2015.  I had 4 dolls.  I enjoyed reading doll blogs for crafts and ideas from time to time on my own laptop.  I was amazed, and a spark went off in my mind.  I should start my own little blog.  With my mother’s help, we chose WordPress,  I can’t quite explain how I came up with the name Agdollawesome.

But I like to believe it was fate that led me to it.


My first post was on how to create clay macaroons for your dolls.  The pictures were blurry.  But boy,  have I grown in that area.  I continued to post.  I continued to take photos, no matter how sucky.  I learned.  I grew.  I made progress.

I went from 0 to 251 followers in just 2 years, and I have no idea how that happened.


Without me still posting on here, I wouldn’t own half as many dolls as I do, and they would be most likely pushed o the back of my closet, like that of most girls I know.

I’ve been planning this post for a long time, and I’m crying silently.  And I don’t know why.


I mean, I could just quit.  I could just GROW UP.


But isn’t it much more fun to enjoy this rather childish hobby I have?  I think so.


How did this happen?  How did I become one of the most popular American Girl Doll blogs on WordPress?  More importantly, How did I make it for 2 years?  That’s 730 days.  That’s amazing.


Perhaps it could be my dolls.  I try so hard to give them personality.


I have the best pen pal in the world, and I’m hopefully meeting up with her this summer. But did you guys know that my dream would be to meet up with every single one of you?  Every Single One of you that comments, likes, and follows?  I have made countless friends on the internet, and I have stricken up some fun conversations with you through comments.


I know one thing about this journey, that I know is true, and honest.


This is Agdollawesome.


A blog that has miraculously survived for 2 years.


So here’s for what it was.

What it is.

And what it will be.

So thank you.  Every comment on this post will go up as a poster in my doll’s rooms.

~Samantha, now 12 Years old, much changed from the 10 year old 2 years ago.





67 thoughts on “Two Years

    1. Thanks Izzy! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Here are some double stuffed Oreos you can have:
      Blue potato is for a post titled “AGdollawesome All In Super Blast Membership” Sorry that I wasn’t very clear!

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      1. Thank you! GUESS WHAT. MY GRABDMA GOT ME A ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLAR AG GIFT CARD!!!!! I’m totally getting a a new doll. Can you help me decide which one?

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      2. Sorry it took me so long to respond Izzy! I’m getting AG doll #58, the African American doll with SUPER curly hair that’s really short. We could always be twinsies and have the same doll! I’m naming her either Kendall, Valerie, or Amina. Also, Z Yang is coming out in May, and I may look into her release if there is anything I would want, like her loft bed! Do you like Tenney or Logan? Also, another super underrated doll that AG has is Samantha, she’s beautiful and looks great in anything. Do you have like a list of possibilities?

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      3. Oh my gosh, I miss getting #58 too! What a coincidence! I had already decided to get her before I saw your message, because it was between her and Melody and I chose her. I’m naming mine Joy, Dylan, and possibly Paisley? Joy is my favorite name for her, though. We are twins It’s! Yay! I’m getting her on Wednesday, probably. What about you? This is sew fun!

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      4. Oh my goodness, YAY! I’m so happy! HOPEFULLY, (fingers crossed), I win a writing contest with a cash prize, and I’ll have enough for her. But if not, I’m going to find other ways to make money. I always do research before I buy a doll, and I was worried what I would be able to do about her super short hair, and I came across this video:
        I thought it was super helpful, and I hope you get her soon! I’ll definittely be getting my #58 during Summer, but hopefully before! I have 50 bucks saved so far, so I’m halfway there! She is going to have the clear glitter glasses from AG, and I’ll be buying a bunch of other colorful stuff for her! This is so exciting!

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      5. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!! Oh, good luck, I hope you win. You should; you’re sew talented. What writing contest? I love writing contests. Thanks for the link, I’ll watch it right after I finish typing this comment. I hope sew too! I’m probably going to go to AGPDC on Wednesday with my friend, after I get back from the mountains of… well, I probably shouldn’t tell you that. I hope you get her soon! I also have fifty dollars, which means I have two hundred dollars when combined with my gift card. That’s not quite enough for two dolls, sew I might save my money, but I don’t want a doll with squishy vinyl and permapanties, so I’ll probably just buy the doll. Then I’ll come home and SEW her tons of colorful clothes. She definitely seems like a doll with a cheerful personality and a love of color to me! This is sew exciting! I have an idea: our dolls should be twins! Like, sane last name, biological sisters twins. What do you think? What would be some good last names? I like Hawthorne, Kinkaid, Parker (actually, that would be a cute first name for a doll too), Delaney, Berkeley, Stanford, Norton, Lavaliere, Larson, Laramie, Daniels, Alcott, Orchard, Bailey (actually, I’m considering this as my doll’s first name, too), Fairfax, Brontë, Branwell, Wilson… I could go on and on and on. Thoughts? I love this!!!! I think my doll will have two or three middle names. Right now, I’m really like Madison, Rose, and Samantha. 😉

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      6. YAY! I’m so happy for you! I can’t give away the name of the writing contest, because it’s specific to where I live. Sorry! But I’m cometing against a bunch of 5th and 6th graders. 1st is 100, 2nd is 75, and 3rd is 50!
        Oh. My. GOSH! That’s a great idea! Can we do Parker as a last name, since that’s the last name of all my dollies? Ahh, but Bronte would be so cool! ( I assume you chose that one after Charlottle and Emily Bronte…)
        So, maybe we could do this,
        Your #58 would be: Blank Samantha Rose Parker ( you could take out the rose, but I think it sounds better)
        And mine could be one of the three:
        -Kendall Isabelle Parker
        -Valerie Isabelle Parker
        -Amina Isabelle Parker
        What do ya’ think? I dunno, I think that’d be cool! And then we could do a collab photo story together once we both have her!

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      7. Yeah, that’s ok. I understand. I hope you win, though! Parker is a great last name, and it will go with practically any first name! All those names for your doll are super cute, but, um… if it’s trying to be after me, my name is spelled Isabel, not Isabelle. If you’re not, forget I mentioned it! Yeah, it’s a great idea! I think it sounds super cool. Yeah, I did have that idea after the Brontës. It’s because I was reading the Mother Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick. You should read them if you haven’t already! It’s really good. It would be an honor to to do a collab with the illustrious Samantha! As for my doll’s middle names, I agree that it sounds better with Samantha and arose. The Rose part is after Light4theLord, because that’s her middle name. This is sew delightful!

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      8. Oops, sorry! I was trying to spell it after you! Whoops! So it’s Isabel, got it! My friend at school is spelled Isabelle, so I got a bit confused! XD That’s so cool! OK, so mine wil be named:
        blank Isabel Parker ( I might add a rose, depending on the first name I choose)
        And yours will be:
        blank Samantha Rose Parker
        Awesome! This will be so cool! I’m so excited for when I save enough to buy her!

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      9. I got her! Her name is Bailey, and I love her!!!! She is sew cute. Hey, I was wondering, what age should they be? I was thinking around ten. Thoughts? Oh, by the way, the AG store I went to didn’t have a single doll wearing permapanties or with squishy vinyl, to my knowledge, and Bailey has neither.

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      10. OOOH YAY IZZY! That’s a perfect name! So her name is Bailey Samantha Rose Parker! Right? Is it OK if we lean more towards twelve or eleven? I think that’s the age that would fit their artistic personalities a bit more. idk! That’s cool! I hope I get her soon, but until further notice Bailey’s Twin is at the AG Place! 😦 XD

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  1. Good for you!2 years is a big deal! I just started reading blogs this year and have been really enjoying it! Your blog, dolls, And photography are all amazing!

    -Addylover 🙂

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    What I MEANT to say was:
    Congrats, Samantha! That’s awesome! Thanks for all the sweet comments you’ve left on my blog. 🙂 I love reading your posts! Keep on blogging. 😀

    -Clara ❤

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  3. Congratulations, Samantha!!! Yay! Never stop blogging and please never grow out of dolls: I love reading your posts so much (you’re amazingly creative!), and thank you for all the comments and likes you have put on mine ❤ ❤

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  4. That is so awesome for you! I hope you continue blogging for many more years, all your posts bring a smile to my face.
    Thank You,
    ~ Rainbow Girl ❤

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  5. I’m really proud of you. You’ve succeeded in making it past the hard part of AGdom, which is growing up. Growing up is giving up! And why would we give up on this beautiful fandom? I consider you my “best blogging friend”, meaning that your blog’s the best. LOL. Keep up the good work for at least another decade.

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    1. Thanks you so, so much Tess! I guess I’m proud of myself too. Sometimes, I do have doubts. But then I look at all the poeple who have liked the latest post or whatever, and you know what, That, That feeling right there is what keeps me going. Yay! The feeling is mutual Tess!

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  6. Happy blogiversary from me and my dolls!!!!!! This blog has been truly awesome for the past 2 years, and I am sure it will be for many years more!

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  7. Congratulations Samantha! Happy 2 year Blogiversary! Your blog has to be one of my favorite blogs that I follow! Maybe even my favorite… 😉 You are always posting something new and you always respond to my comments! Plus, all of your posts are so fun to read and your photos are amazing! All your dolls are so cute and I love all of their different personalities! Keep up the great work! 🙂 Bella 🙂

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  8. I just wanted to ask you if you had any tips or suggestions for my blog? I’m about to hit 2 years in June and I have 95 followers. I’m happy with that but I wanted to know if you have any tips for growing a bigger follower number/count/friend thing? 🙂
    -Geeky_Girl ❤

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    1. Hey Geeky_Girl! Your comment actually inspired me for a post idea, and I’m writing it right now! It’ll be out in the next week or so! I hope it helps when it IS published, until then, just hold tight! I agree, sometimes blogging IS NOT fair. Like, I can name 20 bloggers who deserve WAY more followers than they have! Thanks for the question, and just know that your blog is absolutely amazing!

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