Agdollawesome Super Blast All-In Membership: Sign Ups

Sign Up Today!



What the AGdollawesome All In Super Blast Membership is:

*my brother thought up the name!*

  • Every Other week, on a super secret page, I’ll post a behind the scenes post for only the members of this membership to enjoy
  • The members will be notified by email when there is a new All In Post.
  • This is your oppurtunity to claim your prize, AGPSC members, all who participated can comment “Blue potato”  in the comments.  BUT ONLY IF YOU PARTICIPATED IN AGPSC!  


To enter:

  • The AGPSC members can enter by entering their code, “Blue potato”
  • Non AGPSC Participators can comment down below saying that they would like to sign up, BUT…
  • Only the first TEN non AGPSC participants that comment below will be entered!  


How the sign ups will work:

If you participated in AGPSC OR Commented as the first ten non AGPSC participators, then that means you have been signed up!  If I reply to your comment, you have been signed up.  If not, then don’t worry!  More spots will be open this Summer!

You will get an email enclosing the link to the super secret page, and the Password to enter it!

Then, you will get ONE email notification every other week if there is new content on the page!

This is like a story on Instagram, the old content will disappear if new content is posted!

*Not to Madi From DWOD and Mya, my pen pal.  Since Madi helped me set up the page, she gets a free one, and since Mya is my pen pal and is involved in everything I do and me vice versa to her, she gets a free entry.  So you two can also comment blue potato to sign up, and get a FREE entry, I repeat, NOT part of the ten spots that are open for other people. *

Any questions?  Comment!  Want to sign up?  QUICK!  Comment!



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