Q & Ayyy…

Two Years.

Heya!  I’m hosting a Blogiversary Q & A!


The rules are pretty self explanatory:

  • Comment below at least 3 questions to participate
  • You mus ask at least 1 doll related question, but the ratio of personal to doll questions is up to, just make sure at least ONE is doll related
  • To find out more about meh, you can ask questions about me!  Just no asking where I live, phone #, etc.
  • In case you wanted to ask how old I am, I’m 12.


You can ask as many questions as you like, BRING IT ON!


{I though this was  a cool angle}

Maybe you could ask me blogging questions, sport questions, questions about lemurs, whatever the heck you want.


I’m super excited!  Also, be sure to link your blog{s} , so I can link back to you when I answer your questions. 

The Q and A Answer post will be posted on Wednesday, April 19th!



13 thoughts on “Q & Ayyy…

  1. Ooh! Hmm…let’s see…

    1. Which one of your AG dolls is your favorite? (don’t worry, I have a special machine that can close all your doll’s ears when you answer this)
    2. This or that: photo stories or photo shoots?
    3. Do you like kale chips?
    4. Where do you get inspiration for blog posts?
    5. Who do you look up to the most?

    Also the link to my blog is: https://stuffieadventures.wordpress.com
    Happy blogiversary, by the way!


  2. Oh, fun!
    1. What are your top three favorite doll blogs?
    2. Do you prefer making craft tutorials or hair tutorials?
    3. What’s your favorite hairstyle to do on your dolls?
    4. What’s the highest number of dolls that you’ve gotten in one (1) year?
    5. If you could repaint your bedroom (not your dolls’ bedroom, yours), what color would you paint it?
    6. What’s your favorite outfit of your dolls?
    7. Which of your dolls do you look the most like?
    8. Of the 2017 AG doll release, rank them from 1 to 6. 😀 Have fun!

    This is great! I can’t wait to read your answers!!
    ~ Light4theLord


  3. Here are My Questions For you!
    1. What inspired or made you want to start your blog?
    2. Where do you keep your AG dolls and their room?
    3. What is the next AG doll that you want to get?
    4. What is/was your favorite Girl of the Year doll ever released?
    5. When did you first hear About American Girl dolls?
    6. Girl of the Years or Truly Me?
    7: What is your favorite color?
    8: Do you watch American Girl doll Channels on YouTube? If so, which channels are your favorites?
    🙂 Bella
    (When you answer my questions, you don’t have to link to my blog, since it is private!)


  4. Ooh! My questions:
    1. If you could get another doll, or doll item, what would it be?
    2. Do you have a unicorn? A real one, mind. XD 😉
    3. What is your favorite type of post to read? To write?
    4. What is your favorite kind of ice cream? (Mine is probably either peppermint or cookie dough. 😉 )
    5. Which doll of yours do you best love to dress?
    6. What is your favorite emoji?
    -Sara \\ The Sparkle Dollies ❤


  5. 1. What do you do when you get into a blogging rut?
    2. Dream custom doll?
    3. What’s your biggest tip for doll blogging or blogging in general?

    wack-a-doodle-dolls.blogspot.com is my blog! 🙂
    Also, those are really great pictures! 🙂

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  6. I know a lot about you since we’re pen pals, but I’ll ask some random questions. 😀
    1. Which of your dolls is most likely to burn down the house?
    2. What is your most photogenic doll?
    3. Do you like llamas or goats better?
    4. Favorite season?
    5. What are some ideas for what you want to name your kids someday?
    6. How many dolls do you plan to get this year?


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