Wealthy Hearts~Part 3, Season 1

Wealthy Hearts (1)

This is Part 3 of Wealthy hearts, just because.  I hope you guys have liked it so far, let me know if you want a season two or something!  There are 3 more parts of this!

An Original Agdollawesome Photo Series


“I do declare, Lady Beatrice Parkington, that you look…” Jane seemed like she couldn’t even finish the words, as she snapped the headpice on Beatrice.

“Open your eyes Beatrice!”  I exclaimed,


My sister opened her eyes, fluttering her long eyelashes, and took a look at her gown.

The white lace bodice has a scoop neck, and the sash was made of the finest pearls.  Satin draped down in a long skirt, and her headpiece was constructed of gold plated petals.


“My dear-I must inquire, due to your lack of opinion at the moment…Do you like it?”


Without looking away from the mirror, she replied, “Yes mama, I like it.  I love it.”


I knew that Beatrice would, it had been Mother’s when she was wed to my late father.


Jane tightened the flower headpiece, “I must add, Your Ladyship, that any man would be blessed to have such a woman as you for a wife.”


“Oh thank heavens!”  Mother interjected, “We now have an heir to this estate, Beatrice, and a good one as well!”

I pondered this comment.

Was Beatrice marrying for love?  Or was she marrying for an heir?


Much to the turn of moods, Beatrice insisted that I attend her rehearsal dinner, in spite of my longing to stay and read.

“Reading shouldn’t matter to a yound lady like you”, she had said, “Beside, you are my maid of honor Lavina!  The maid of honor always attends the rehearsal dinner!”

I decided to obey Beatrice’s bidding, but only because of one reason.

William would be there.  After the feast, the dance was held in the courtyard of the Rochester estate. IMG_5266

“Lady Lavinia Parkington,” William began, careful of his older brother’s watching eyes as he danced with Beatrice, “Will you have this dance?”

I gracefully accepted, and we began to dance to the beautiful melody of the violins and pianos surrounding us.


“How have your been Lavinia?”

I blushed, as I remembered it’d been weeks since I had seen him, and it was quite refreshing.

“I have been fine, and my horse, Isis has been getting along quite nicely with this warm Spring weather.”

“That’s very nice, I didn’t know you had a horse!”


“He’s a very naughty horse at times though, and even Lady Beatrice calls him Wicked!”, We chuckled at that.


“I’ve been meaning to ask you something of great importance Lavinia,”

“What is it?”  I was curious.

“You see, the annual Winchestor Ball takes place on-”


The music halted.  The dancing ceased for all the couples, as well as us both.

“I suppose it can wait for another time Lavinia.”  he looked disappointed.

“My sympathies Sir William Rochester, but I look forward to you finishing this conversation at the wedding in a fortnight.”

We shook hands, parted ways, and all my thoughts of him should have ceased.  But I couldn’t stop thinking of the way he looked at me, the way he almost, almost asked me the a ball.


Stay tuned for Part 4, coming April 17th!





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