Q & A Answers!

Two Years.

Hey Guys!

Thanks everyone for giving me TONS of questions for me to answer!  Even if you didn’t submit a question, have some fun reading this and getting to know me better!

~Rebcake’s questions~

1. Which one of your AG dolls is your favorite? (don’t worry, I have a special machine that can close all your doll’s ears when you answer this)

It has always, ALWAYS been Molly.

Even though Molly’s hair is the rattiest, the one with the most scars and scratches, she is the most well loved.

She is the doll 7 year old me prayed for,

I love Miss Molly!


2. This or that: photo stories or photo shoots?


Oh, for sure photo stories.  Idk, I’ve never been too good at Photo shoots, but I love coming up with interesting plots for photo stories!

3. Do you like kale chips?

Hmm, I’d have to try them to see what I think of them!  Wait a sec, let me google it…

I’d try them if I had the chance, but I’d rather have a french fry!  No duh Samantha

4. Where do you get inspiration for blog posts?

I think of my inspiration from EVERYWHERE!  I think about what people like to read, what I like to read, what my dolls would do in everyday life situations, and how well my last photo story did.

Tbh, I just think of stuff and my mind blows, and then I click the picture button on my camera, type stuff and BOOM I have a post

5. Who do you look up to the most?

I really, REALLY look up to FireStar from the Warriors book.

You can’t ask a fangirl who she looks up to in real life.

~Light4TheLord’s Questions~

1. What are your top three favorite doll blogs?

Ooh, I have a post idea…

Hmm… other than my favorite doll blog, (and I’m not just saying this,)  Dolls N’ All, My 3 other faves would be:

Smile And Craft AG

AG Lane 123


2. Do you prefer making craft tutorials or hair tutorials?

CRAFTING IS MY LIFE!  Totally craft tutorials.  Plus, I’m horrible at doll hair, all I can do is spray the hair with water and braid it, and I don’t even know if that counts as “knowing how to do doll hair”, so I’m not much use for tutorials.


3. What’s your favorite hairstyle to do on your dolls?


XD  This fishtail pigtail style looks amazing on Emily.


4. What’s the highest number of dolls that you’ve gotten in one (1) year?

In 2015 alone, I got Kit, Maryellen, Samantha, Grace, and Amelia.  That’s more than HALF of my doll collection!

Here is a horrid picture I took On Christmas morning, after I opened them. XD


5. If you could repaint your bedroom (not your dolls’ bedroom, yours), what color would you paint it?

I’d paint it maybe a mint blue, but I love my current wall color, it’s ice purple!


6. What’s your favorite outfit of your dolls?

Well. Uh, my Grandma just sewed me NINE matching pastel doll dresses, and I love them with all my heart!  Here’s a pic:



7. Which of your dolls do you look the most like?

I look like Saige, except with freckles ALL OVER and brown eyes!

8. Of the 2017 AG doll release, rank them from 1 to 6. 😀 Have fun!

  1.   Felicity
  2.  Nanea
  3.  Z Yang
  4. Gabi
  5. Logan
  6.  Tenney

~Bella’s Questions~

1. What inspired or made you want to start your blog?

Well, I really loved to read The blog funwithagfan, which is currently inactive.  She had lots of fun doll crafts, and that’s what I wanted to post!  But I found out I liked photo stories better!   XD

2. Where do you keep your AG dolls and their room?

Nine AG dolls tend to get in the way of things, so I keep my dolls when not in use in a neat orderly line in front of my bed.  I’m not like, SCARED of dolls or anything, but whenever I used to have them lying about win my doll are at night, one doll would be lying on the ground with all their limbs splayed out, and the other one would, ya’ know, have like a flower pot in her hand.  It just looked creepy.  Plus, it looks more organized when they’re out of the way of Twila’s mighty paw.  XD


Oh, and my doll house takes up two walls of my bedroom, one of them under my bookshelf and the other next to my closet, with the doorway in between the two.

3. What is the next AG doll that you want to get?


I want #58 really badly, and I’m saving up for her.  I think the African American dolls AG sells are Beatiful, and it’s about time I add one to my collection.  Her hair look really fun, and her name will either be Kendall, Valerie, or Amina.  Her personality would be quite artistic too!  Hopefully I’ll snatch her before the end of Summer.

4. What is/was your favorite Girl of the Year doll ever released?


TOTALLY Jess!  I love her face mold, and her meet outfit is gorgeous!  I would love to own her, but sadly, she is retired.  *sobs*

5. When did you first hear About American Girl dolls?

My aunt and uncle gave me AG doll mini dolls for Christmas, and I started receiving the AG catalog!  Then I REALLY wanted one!  (That’s how I got mini Kirsten!)

6. Girl of the Years or Truly Me?

Truly Me!  I love all the different choices of dolls!

7: What is your favorite color?

This one. So pretty!
8: Do you watch American Girl doll Channels on YouTube? If so, which channels are your favorites?

I do watch AGTube!  I WATCH IT A LOT GUYS.  It’s an obsession.  I like to half watch half listen to it while crafting or blogging!  I’m subscribed to a lot of channels, but my two favorites are MixiePixie7 and AGLane123Studios!

~Sara’s Questions~

1. If you could get another doll, or doll item, what would it be?

In case you’re too lazy to read above when I already answered this question:


I want #58 really badly, and I’m saving up for her.  I think the African American dolls AG sells are Beatiful, and it’s about time I add one to my collection.  Her hair look really fun, and her name will either be Kendall, Valerie, or Amina.  Her personality would be quite artistic too!  Hopefully I’ll snatch her before the end of Summer.

2. Do you have a unicorn? A real one, mind. 😄 😉

Why yes, Obvioulsy, can’t you see me riding it right now!?  XD

3. What is your favorite type of post to read? To write?

I love to read just random snippets of AG dolls, as well as AG doll hauls and reviews!  Photo stories are my favorite to write though!

4. What is your favorite kind of ice cream? (Mine is probably either peppermint or cookie dough. 😉 )

download (8)

My favorite ice cream EVER created is the Baskin Robin’s Gold Metal Ribbon.

It is delicious.  This is the only thing I EVER order from Baskin Robin’s.  Ever!  THERE ARE 31 FREAKN FLAVORS AND THIS IS THE BEST ONE I SWEAR.

It’s vanilla, caramel, and chocolate swirled together in a perfect, beautiful ratio.  I challge you to try this flavor next time you go to Baskin Robin’s Trust me, you will never regret it!

5. Which doll of yours do you best love to dress?

Totally Paisley!  I love all her pink stuff, and her hair is so fun to play with!  I love her style!

6. What is your favorite emoji?

Heart eyes!

~Taryn’s Questions~

1 What is your favorite thing you have ever made for your dolls?

For sure my doll kitchen out of poster board!

2 What is your favorite dessert?

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie


AWW TARYN HOW COULD YOU?  I gave up chocolate for lent, so if you’re not catholic and don’t know what that means, it means that to sacrifice something for 40 days, (the amount of time Jesus spent in the desert with no food or water), until Easter!  So plz send me Twix!  Anyways, I love the Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie your can get at Chili’s.  YUM!

3 How many pets do your dolls have?

*runs over to box of doll pets*  *counts*  *runs back*


Oh, and 7 if you count the two turtles, Frank Billy Bob Joe and Bucket.

~Geeky_Girl’s Questions~

What’s your favorite doll purchase?

That purchased MYSELF?  Well, I certainly do love Miss Kit Kat!


Favorite book? *evil laugh*

Command not recognized

Best blogging advice you’ve heard?

BE YOURSELF!  Never try to act like another blogger, CHANGE the blogging world instead of duplicating a blog.  

Ice Cream or Cake?

Uh, Ice cream.  *throws up from the large amount of ice cream consumed in the past day*

Would you rather live by the beach or by the mountains?

I love the mountains!  I live in a valley, (I can’t tell you what it’s referred to) and that means there are huge mountains surrounding us and that means that every morning, when you look out your window, you see beautiful snow capped mountains even in APRIL!  There’s still snow up there in April!

~Emma’s Questions~

1. What do you do when you get into a blogging rut?

Hmm… I’ve never really gotten into a blogging rut.  Blogging is my passion, and I love to do it!  I’ve never yet gotten bored with it!

2. Dream custom doll?

Custom American Girl Doll Willow from Fleur18studio:


Zariah My daughter put together this gorgeous outfit so I just had to steal it off her Caroline BUT she stole the clothes from me first so I think we're even OOTD Sweetheart crop top @julesnme_doll_designs Skater skirt @circlecsewing Cardigan @qtpie_doll_clothing:


❤  ❤  ❤

3. What’s your biggest tip for doll blogging or blogging in general?

You can view my post on ALL my blogging tips HERE!

~Mya’s Questions~

1. Which of your dolls is most likely to burn down the house?


I think all of them could do it if they really tried.  XD

2. What is your most photogenic doll?

Emily is also one of the most underrated AG dolls, but her blue eyes are TO DIE FOR!  ❤

3. Do you like llamas or goats better?

Llamas, because my aunt has a goat named Frankie and she poops EVERYWHERE!  Not my aunt, the goat.  XD  Also, we used to have a person that lived closeby that had a Llama.

4. Favorite season?

Winter, ’cause 2 of the most important holidays are in there, Jesus’ Birthday and My birthday!  (In that order XD )

5. What are some ideas for what you want to name your kids someday?

I want to have 4 kids when I’m WAY older, and I want 2 girls named Penelope and Mary, and 2 boys who’s names are To Be Determined.  XD

That was more specific than you were looking for, wasn’t it?  Meh.  XD

6. How many dolls do you plan to get this year?

Uh, one.  I have A LOT of dolls, in case you haven’t noticed, and I’m for sure getting #58 this year.  😀

7. If you were to make a custom AG doll based on a book character, what character would you make?

I think I would make A Laura Ingalls Wilder doll, from the Little House on the prairie books!  Change my above answer to two dolls this year I suppose XD

~Anna’s Questions~

What do you want the 2018 Girl of the Year to look like?

I definitely would love if they did another African American doll, but I would like her hair to be straight, and for her to have crazy freckles and blue eyes!

What is your favorite doll brand other than AG?

Hmm, I’d have to say Our Generation, but I don’t like their dolls.

Light streaks or bokeh?


Favorite color?

This one. So pretty!
Favorite photoshoot you’ve done?

This one of Paisley with her ice skates!

Do you like meatloaf?

Yes!! I LOVE meatloaf, my grandma makes it all the time with canned peaches and baked potatoes.


I hope you all liked this!

That’s all the questions! I must say that this Q & A experience was fun.  But apparently I don’t know myself as I well as I thought I did . . .

You probably know more about me than you wanted to know.  XD



34 thoughts on “Q & A Answers!

    1. Yep! Every Saturday, I’ll be reloading her youtube page ALL DAY until she comes out with a new AGSM! I sent her fanmail, and I hope it comes in a Mail of the week of a PO Box Vid soon! Her videos are hilarious!


  1. This is going to be super long….
    – I LOVE the NINE MATCHING DRESSES! Those are so cool!
    – I also was inspired by funwithagfan to a certain degree!
    – Jess is my favourite GOTY as well.
    – I know all about restrictive dieting for religion. It’s Passover right now, so no leaven for me. No cake. No cookies. No bread. But it’s worth it.
    – I really like the nickname Penney for Penelope. But that’s sort of OT. 🙂
    This was so fun to read! I really liked this!

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      1. LOL Passover ends Tuesday night so I’m going to celebrate. Peanut butter sandwich anyone? That has been the one thing I’ve craved all week is a delicious PB & J, weirdly enough.

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      2. Ooh, I’m not a fan of PB&J, but I LOVE NUTELLA! I never get nutella, because nobody in their right mind would give me a jar of nutella. But I got a whole jar ALL FOR MEH in my Easter Basket!

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  2. You seem awesome! It is so do o l that you would want a Laura Ingalls Wilder doll because I was just making Little House on the Prairie accessories for my dolls a couple hours ago.☺

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG!!!!!! Samantha, are you Catholic, too????? I seriously thought I was the only one in the doll blogoverse. Jess is my favorite GOTY, too-Adalyn is a renamed Jess who I got off of ebay.


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