Twas The Night Before Easter~AGDA Easter Special

*Paisley’s POV*


I plopped a blank egg into the pink dye, and watched it slowly morph to a bright pink!  The best color, as well as my favorite.  Emily had helped fill up the mugs with vinegar, water, and food coloring.  The much less important side of my first Easter with the AGDA family, Egg Dying!

Most of my sisters had dropped one egg in a mug and left, but Molly, Emily, and I stayed.


The table was filled with glitter from Saige’s Glitter eggs she forbade anyone to touch.

And we only had a few eggs left to dye!


I was dressed in my cozy pajamas, because it’s COLD in California right now!

“The Easter Bunny is coming tonight, Right?” I asked Emily.  I had never had a customary Easter in my whole life, and I was excited for my first taste of a complete family holiday.


“Yes Paisley, the Easter bunny is coming.  But before we hunt for eggs we have to go to Church!”

I sighed.   Church was sometimes BORING, but I knew that the Easter Sunday mass would be a beautiful service.


“I’m excited for the Easter Bunny too Paisley!  He’s going to bring me CHOCOLATE!”

She aimed her suspicious glance at Emily.


“Molly!  How many times do I have to tell you, you can’t catch the Easter Bunny.  And if I see you setting a trap like EVERY single year before, you will be-”


“Grounded.  I know.  But Emily, I have a good feeling about this year!  I have the perfect idea for a trap!”

I giggled, “You sound like Fred from Scooby Doo!”

Molly rolled her eyes at that.

11:53, later this evening

I awoke from my sleep to a loud CRASH!

Thousands of thoughts raced though my head, Was that the Easter Bunny?

I stumbled out of bed, and made my way to the Living Room.


And then I saw Molly.  I whispered, careful not to wake my sleeping sisters like Molly had, “Molly!  What are you doing!” I looked at the clock, “It’s practically midnight!”


“I’m setting a trap!  Duh!  The Easter bunny WILL fall for it this year!”

“But Emily will ground you Molly!”

“Pshh, she won’t ground me when we have Church tomorrow!”

A wild look came across her face, “Paisley, I need you to help me!”

“With what?  The trap!  But Emily said NOT to!”

I stopped myself.  This could be fun!  Maybe this year, Molly and I would catch the Easter Bunny!  “Alright Molly, I’ll do it.”


“Ok!  This is how it works,”  I peered over her shoulder to see a HUGE apparatus standing behind her.

She continued, “I stole Sam’s old Bird cage she used to play with, and hid the eggs that the easter Bunny wants to hide in it!  He’ll trip over the ramp that goes to the chicken coop.”


I finished her sentence for her, “And SNAP!  The lid will fall on top of him!”

“That’s right!  Genius, right?”

It was genius.  But there was one problem.


“But Molly!  How will the eggs get hidden!?”

“Relax, I’ll hide them once we see that the Easter bunny’s trapped.  We’ll ask him some stuff, and then we’ll release him and put away the bird-cage.  It’s foolproof!”

“Foolproof”, I confirmed.


“High five Molly!”

We high-fived, and left for our beds without leaving a trace of evidence that we were ever there.  Well, except for the giant bird-cage in the living room.


Come up with your own story line from the pictures and comment what you came up with down below on how The Easter Bunny got past the trap!



Easter Sunday

img_6057 (1)

Molly and I were rather disappointed to see that the Easter bunny had somehow hidden our eggs while getting past the trap, but we were excited to take our family picture of 2017 under the flower arch in Sammy’s garden.  The dresses we have on are the NINE matching ones that grandma C sewed for us, and we LOVE them!


I got the prettiest one, I think!  It’s pink, and they all fit perfectly.  We were the prettiest dollies at the Easter service.


A pretty bunny hairclip from the deadly Target dollar section!


Everyone got pretty new profile pictures taken, so we’ll be posting them in the Meet the Dolls Page soon!!  Isn’t Grace’s flower bun just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!?


After pictures, we had our Easter Egg hunt!  Molly was pretty fierce in her competition to win the chocolate!

IMG_6092The Easter Bunny gave us some gorgeous and DELICIOUS Easter Baskets.  (More on that after the photo story)


Grace prepared for us a delicious Easter Brunch, complete with pretty pancakes, donuts, fruit, and a perfect Easter HAM!  Yummy!


We all sat down, and prayed for our meal.


I banged my spoon on my cup, like I’d seen people do in movies. Unfortunately, it was bit loud, but, hey, it called attention!

“Excuse me everyone, I’d like to say a few words.  I’d like to thank you all, for giving me the best Easter I could ever ask for.  You all truly are the best sisters anyone could ever have.  This has been my first true family Easter, and while I didn’t catch the Easter bunny, it’s been the best one I’ve ever seen, even in the movies.  I’m very thankful that Jesus rose again today, to forgive our sins.  And I don’t think I have much else to say so… Let’s eat Everyone!”


So have a happy Easter everyone.  Wishing you lots of chocolate!  But always remember what Easter is truly about.

Signing off, 


Hey guys!  Hope you enjoyed that pot of mushy photo story!

Now for some stuff about where everything is from in this post, because I worked really hard to make everything perfect.


This little guys is a bunny plush my Mom bought just for me at the Dollar store.  Thanks Mom!  I think he’s the perfect Easter Bunny.


I also edited all the night photos.  If you ever want to do this, all you have to do is go in Picmonkey and click the exposure tab.  Then, turn the brightness down to -49.  I don’t edit my photos ever, but picmonkey is good for if you do need to occasionally!


The egg dye was water and food coloring in mugs.  I had TO BE REALLY CAREFUL.  I have carpet, so if it spilled it would’ve been a major disaster.  I don’t recommend doing this is you have carpet.  *nervous laugh*

We’ve got a tradition for Easter family Pictures now!  Yay!

Obviously my photography has greatly improved.  XD


All the mini doll eggs were from Hobby Lobby for really cheap, and the egg cartons were filled with bubble gum eggs, also from Hobby lobby!


The pancakes were real!  (except for Paisley’s)  XD


The dresses WERE SO PRETTY!  Thanks so much Grandma C, I loved them so much, and will cherish them forever.  They are adorable!  She spent a lot of time on them, and I just can’t express with words how much I


The baskets were treat bins or something from hobby lobby!


This one has clay skittles, a twix bar, and a present.


Chocolate, a necklace, a chick, and a postcard.


A bunny, a chick, chocolate, Twix, and a lollipop.


2 cookies, a pinwheel, and 2 chicks.


A treat box, airplane crackers, and an egg.


2 chicks, Twix, and a treat box.


Chocolate, 3 chicks, gum, rock candy, and an egg.


Chocolate, a carrot, 2 eggs, and 2 chicks.


I made some flower crowns with fake flowers and ribbon my grandma got me! Tahnks Grandma!




21 thoughts on “Twas The Night Before Easter~AGDA Easter Special

  1. Love it! Imma writer, so get comfy for the bunny story!

    Molly and I sat behind the chair, waiting for an unsuspecting bunny to walk, or rather, hop, right into our perfect trap.

    The clock struck midnight and Molly and I were out. Not even Molly’s loud snoring could keep me awake, nor the excitement of catching the Easter Bunny.

    Bunny POV
    I couldn’t believe it. The new girl was one of those prankster kids who want to trap me. I am so nice going around m, hiding eggs and baskets and all, but how do they repay me? They try to trap me. They must not realize the importance of my mission.

    I creep up to the eggs, if they were trying to hide them they failed, those two evil doers! The bird basket is a simple contraption, and there is an easy way to get in.

    Although a ramp leads right to the door, that is where I’d fall into the little trap. No thank you. I know just what to do. I jump from the chair, behind which may a snoring Molly, my old enemy, and another girl. She has good taste, pink! I jump from the chair, using my uberpowerful bunnny feet to propel me towards the window. I throw a grappling hook-I’m always prepared- up towards the ceiling. It hooks onto a crystal chandelier. I wince at the sound of broken glass. Whoops. I rise into the air, until I’m a perilous two feet above the ground…As well as right above the cage. I lower myself slowly, watching the two girls that may dreaming of chocolate and eggs. I reach into the cage and grab a few eggs then try to bring my paw out. Uh-oh. Maybe I should have cut down on the chocolate this year. I’m stuck. And there wasn’t even a trap. I twist and pull until I notice something. Sticking out of a yellow egg is a butterfinger. I quickly unwrap it with my Easter Bunny skills. I somehow manage to get it out of the cage and into my other paw. I slide it on the cage bars and soon dislodge my paw. Whew. I’m out of the house in a jiffy, hiding the eggs something I’ve been doing for years. I’m soon safe from Molly and her accomplice, as well as the scary bird cage. I reach for the yellow egg that I’d stuffed in a pocket. It’s gone. I must’ve hidden it on accident. I wonder who will get the empty egg.

    The end! Ha, that was super fun to write!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. YAY HAPPY OFFICIAL EASTER! Thanks Mya! I hope your Easter’s going well! Love ya’! I had a very pretty Easter Sunday service this morning at church, and now I’m pouring my orange tic tacs in my mouth. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HAPPY EASTER! My Easter is going well. I just hid like 50 eggs for my siblings to find, it took a while! And I got Tenney’s Spotlight Outfit for my gift! Love ya too! I had a good service with lots of music. And I love tic tacs!! 😁

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ooh, that’s cool! I got 15 dollars, which I will put toward a doll, and A LOT, I mean A LOT of candy! So yeah. Pretty good Easter! (Plus I got yummy Easter Ham, I feel like I’ma about to POP!)

        Liked by 1 person

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