This Beautiful Earth~A Photo Story+Giveaway Winners!

This Beautiful EarthA Photo Story

Happy Earth day!  The giveaway winner will be announced after you read this special photo story!  

*Molly’s POV*


Samantha and I trekked through mossy undergrowth, twigs cracking at our feet.


I, Molly, the extraordinaire in just about everything, was about to take Samantha, my introverted sister, on an Earth Day adventure of a life time.


I could tell she was rather unhappy about it, but this green Earth is something to be cherished, to be looked up to!  So I had slapped her book out of her hands and screamed at the top of my lungs, “THE MOLLY WANTS THE SAMMY TO COME WITH THEE.  THE FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN DEATH.”

I think I scared her a little bit.


“Where the heck are we going Molly?”

“That’s the fun of it, I have no idea where we are.  But maybe we’ll hitch hike our way back to our house…”


I laughed.

And then I saw it…


Light from our sun shined though the rafters of the building.  It was  huge, towering at least 7 human feet above us tiny dollies.  It was made of white birchwood, and oak steps were practically begging for me to climb them.


So I did.


“Um…Molly?  Is this thing safe?”

“Of course not!  But we’re doing it anyways!”

I heard a wimper of a scaredy cat behind me.


“Uh…Ok then!”  her voice was shaky as she shimmied up on each step.


“Alley-Oop!”  I cried as I swung myself like a monkey onto the surface of this mysterious tree house.


I waited impatiently as Samantha made her way up like a snail on the mysterious tree house.


Our eyes were not disappointed as we gazed, mesmerized at the paintings on the walls.



“Wow…” was all I could manage.


“Look at this wall!  It looks like humans painted this one!”


“Woah, and look at this!  It’s a painting of a Hawaiian beach!”






“Ooh, look, this board is empty, we should paint it with THE GIVEAWAY WINNER!”


“Great Idea Molly!”

The Winner of the Custom, One Of A Kind, Ag Doll Awesome Dress is...



“This Earth is so beautiful Molly, I’m sorry I acted so scared of it.  I know you would never let anything bad happen to me.”


We sat on a window ledge and looked down at the forest.


“Whatever Sam.  I’m just really happy that you actually agreed to come with me.”


*Extra Pics*


Samantha is wearing a Maryellen’s strawberry dress and shoes from AG.


Molly is wearing a shirt from the AG Store, The AG Geometric shorts, and boots from the AG Warm Winter Outfit.


Happy Earth Day, and Congrats Light4TheLord!

The Winner of the Custom, One Of A Kind, Ag Doll Awesome Dress is...




27 thoughts on “This Beautiful Earth~A Photo Story+Giveaway Winners!

  1. This was such a cute and creative post! I loved the story and pictures , those were some great shots! I’d love to see this again. Congrats to the giveaway winner!✨

    Liked by 3 people

      1. RIGHT AFTER I RESPONDED TO YOUR LAST COMMENT I went outside to get the mail, and noticed a box with an AG shipping label on it… AND MISS VALERIE ISABEL PARKINGTON HAS OFFICIALLY JOINED THE AGDA FAMILY! I can’t wait to work on our collab this weekend! Valerie is GORGEOUS

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Agh she’s here! SEND PICS I NEEDC TO SEE HER. Does she have permapanties or squishy vinyl? Don’t you LOVE her hair? Wait I thought their last name was Parker, I’m confused. I’m sew happy for you!,!!!!!

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      1. Hey Samantha!
        I didn’t know where else to put this, so I decided here would be okay. I am using the theme “Truly Minimal” on a certain blog. I keep writing new pages, but they won’t show up on the menu bar at the top. I try making them with a parent page, but still only the “home” and “about” page appear. I know the pages are published because I can link to them on different pages/posts, but they don’t show up on my blog. I can’t figure out why, but you have some different pages up on the menu bar for your blog. How?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hmm! Well, I just looked at your blog, and I saw them! That is weird! I just made a normal page by going to my dashboard and clicking new page! Let me know if you have any updates, because your pages seem to be working for me!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I do that sometimes too, I have a great plot with pictures. I get ready to write the post and then, I’m like “nope not gonna do this anymore” and something totally different comes out! 😜
        Geeky_Girl ❤️

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