Wealthy Hearts~Part 5, Season 1

Wealthy Hearts (1)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4.

This is the last part before the FINALE!

An Original Agdollawesome Photo Series

April 24th, 1912



I stood in the courtyard of our estate, lost in my thoughts.  Beatrice and Robert were now a happy married couple on their honeymoon.  I was glad for them.

Disturbing my peace of mind, none other than William Rochester bounded towards me.  My heart skipped a beat.


“Good morning William, isn’t it a nice day?” I could think of nothing else to say.  It really wasn’t a nice day, the rolling hills of the English countryside were draped in heavy fog, and rain threatened to pour it’s wrath on us at any moment.

“Good morning Lavinia,”he paused, and I could tell he was even more nervous than I was.  But what could that possibly be for?

“Lavinia, we never got to finish our conversation a few weeks ago-at the ball.  And I had a rather important question to ask you…”


“Lavinia Rosalia Parkington…Will you do me the honor of accompanying me to the annual Norchester Ball?”

I was speechless.  My heart screamed YES!  with a burning passion, but all my sense told me-no.


“I give you my deepest of sympathies, Sir William, but I must decline.  I truly am sorry- I just…don’t think of you like that.   You are more of a friend to me rather than a possible  suitor when I am older.  I will not be courting under the influence of the fact that your cousin and my sister have done so,”

“Oh.  I see.  I apologize for asking, I had not the slightest-”

“There is no need to apologize, for there is nothing to forgive.  I have not been offended.”

And I tried my best to walk gracefully to the mansion.

Around 40 minutes later


“Elizabeth, we have been friends since our earliest of memories, and I feel no reason to break that connection now, over one small quarrel.  Please excuse my lack of empathy that I displayed in our previous meeting.  Please, Elizabeth.  I am rather lonely, and I need someone to speak to at this moment.”

I took a deep breath.  I had invited Elizabeth for a walk after the episode with William.  my goal was to replenish our friendship and tell Elizabeth all I needed to.


“No Lavinia, you have done nothing wrong.  I’m sorry, for grief had clouded my judgement at the time of our argument, and I apologize for acting out in the way I did, and not respecting your tragic past.  I hope we can continue to be best of friends.  And I mean it, Lavinia!”

We both chuckled.


I spilled out my heart and soul to her, all my feelings and thoughts on William Rochester.  I could tell that this gave her great enthusiasm.  I came to the part where I denied his invitation to the ball.. and she exploded.


“Lady Lavinia Parkington!  How could you be such a foolish little thing!  I guarantee that if you do not march right back the way you came, all the way to that boy, and accept his proposal, then we will be right back where we started when we began this walk.  I will no longer be your friend!  You can be quite witless at times, my darling Lavinia!”


“I suppose you are correct, Elizabeth, but-”

“No Lavinia!  I will not hear any more of your silly chatter!  Go!  Go to William!”


And So I did.



30 thoughts on “Wealthy Hearts~Part 5, Season 1

  1. This is super duper good! Love the clothes, as usual, and the plot line is pretty good. Can’t wait for the finale! 😉 You are sew talented.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. XD My middle name is Suzanne, so my brother sometimes likes to annoy me by calling me “Samantha Suzanne!” In this really weird tone of voice only he can do. XD HAHA RUTVI I HAVE MADE YOU SUFFER FROM THE FEELS *demonic laughter*

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hahaha!

        NOOOOOOOOIO!! Seriously, thiugh when’s the next part going I be up??? I can’t wait! I’ve been checking your blog for a new post CONSTANTLY.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I just caught up on this story and you’ve e done an amazing job on the plot, the costumes, the photography! All. Can’t believe Lavinia declined lol. Can’t wait to read the finale✨

    Liked by 3 people

  3. ,Ride Lavinia, tell him how you feel!! Aww such a sweet romance, I’m not a big fan of romance but this is some awesome stuff you’ve done. I can’t wait for the finally. Awesome costumes.
    Geeky_Girl ❤️

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