Solstice Children TRAILER

(Please listen to this song while reading to get the whole effect) “The Girl is Evil Your highness!  She has caused Aragarra a great spell of misfortune, bringing dry land, and sickness, Even a murder since she was born.  Born on The Summer Solstice.   She is 13 now, no longer our responsibility.  And you…… Continue reading Solstice Children TRAILER


Wealthy Hearts Finale Party//Hosted by Light4TheLord

Hello and Welcome to the AGDA Finale Party! In exactly ONE HOUR, the finale of Wealthy Hearts will air on this here blog!  We also have a little GIVEAWAY at the end of this post! *Narrator’s POV* “It’s me, Madi, your host, and the interviewer from Dolls N’ All!” Paisley Waved at Madi excitedly. “Hi Madi!”…… Continue reading Wealthy Hearts Finale Party//Hosted by Light4TheLord